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‘Quit’ sensation to bring the dead to life – the politics of Rahul Gandhi, HD Kumarasamy and AAP man Kejriwal

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Like the nursery rhyme “London Bridge is falling down, falling down”, so go the politics, the leadership character and reputation of the two dynasts in Indian politics namely Rahul Gandhi and HD Kumarasamy.

Quit from government and hype high moral ground and thereby revive the political fortune was the emotional weapon AAP man Kejariwal used way back in 2014 and then with the greed dream, challenged PM Modi in Varanasi, got defeated, lost deposit, face, identity and credibility. The above history is open and nude to everyone.

After Kejriwal, the dynast of the congress party Rahul Gandhi tried the same sensation weapon and announced he was quitting the post of president of congress party owning the responsibility for the defeat of congress in 2019 parliamentary election. But no significant leader to mention from congress party has resigned from the post like Kamal Nath or Ghelot, the chief minister of MP and Rajasthan respectively.


Perhaps the dynast would have thought that by sensationalizing his resignation, people may mourn, weep and the party may drown under inconsolable sorrow and would come back to his feet with the request to cancel his resignation. But nothing of such sort has happened. The life went as usual for the congress party, many leaders’ from congress party turns to be Vibishana and Sugriva and then joins BJP to follow the paths of Lord Ram. Ironically also many congress men forgot the dynast and started to venerate his sister Mrs. Vadra and requesting her to become the president of congress party.  After Kajriwal, the dynast was the second to lose the ploy of quit sensation to bring back a dead to life.

Now the great dynast in Karnataka politics, HD Kumarasamy has taken the same weapon that he likes to quit politics as politics is quite dirty and murky these days for him. Indeed the politics is quite dirty and murky these days for those who enter politics to loot the nation. Modiji has blocked all doors, windows and even rat holes in public life from looting. Corruption and nepotism has been eliminated to a reasonable level in bureaucracy, brought high level of responsibility, accountability and time sensitivity among government officials. This situation is bound to make several politicians to think of quitting politics because politics is not going to fulfil their purpose or goal for which they have entered politics.

The thinking of HD Kumarasamy to quit politics looks another stunt or sensation to recapture his lost glory. It is an attempt to earn public sympathy that he was trying through frequent exhibition of his tears when he was the chief minister of Karnataka. He may be under the impression that if he announces that he wants to quit politics, the entire state may get paralyzed and freeze and would beg and kneel before him to change his decision.


Unfortunately the time is not to the side of HDK. The coalition government of HDK was the most hated political arrangement in Indian history and everyone wants the government headed by HDK must fall. Further the people of Karnataka also want to brutally punish JDS and congress party in the next election. When he enjoys such a bad reputation and ignominy, announcing his idea of quitting politics, people would in fact celebrate such announcement like a carnival than fall into sorrow.

A dead cannot be brought back to life with any amount sensation or sympathy or suspense or victimhood which is yet to be understood by some ‘already expired’ political parties in India.

Performance, corruption free governance, development, sab ka vikas, elimination of dynastic politics and nepotism, having high level of responsibility, commitment and time bound result etc., alone shall win in India politics hereafter and that is how the honest PM Modi has shaped Indian politics ever since he became the prime minister of India.


Therefore if some opposition party leader, to evoke public sympathy, announces their idea of quitting politics or resignation from post, India would only welcome it because Indians need not have to do such job in the next election and they can dedicate their time to support the good government of Narendra Modi to make India a great land.

All dead ideas, political ideologies and politics would either get eliminated naturally or the mandate of people would eliminate and otherwise would get decomposed with time.

The honest leaders and people centric, development centric governance, governance against corruption, nepotism and dynastic politics alone would live long, immortal and glorious.

PM Modi is the best example for good, honest and sab ka vikas centric leader and that is why PM Modi is loved, admired, venerated and supported by millions and millions of Indians.

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