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INDIA and the need of the hour is the economic right

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After 2014 when the BJP led government won the country’s youth who was the victim of the socialist policies of the previous government saw a ray of hope. The country again bolstered the BJP led NDA government with increasing their seat count above 350 with BJP’s alone 300+. This showed the faith the country’s youth showed on Narendra Modi. But with the recent budget, mandatory CSR and some quotes of the Finance Ministry where they defended high taxes with “redistribution of wealth” which are contrasting with Narendra Modi’s SMALL GOVERNMENT dream.

The political right wishes people to be independent so that people can develop their own ambitions. The very idea that government can involve in everything to develop the country is actually a false narration. The best minds like Nicolas Tesla or Henry Ford didn’t discover anything because the state told him to do, instead it was purely ambition driven. In order to allow ambition to flourish the state must refrain themselves from interfering with every small details of public life.

Freedom can only be achieved if people as individuals are free to choose and under socialism the state orders you to perform a duty that the individual doesn’t want to. The government should follow policies which encourages businesses to take risk, invest and create wealth, which cannot be created by thwarting and discouraging business. The youth of the country therefore needs and deserves an economic right, if BJP can’t be one then the start of a new one or the revival of Swatantra Party is a necessity.

The Swatantra Party which in its idealogy believed in Swatantra meaning individual freedom, which cannot be achieved under socialism and unfortunately the current government is continuing it.

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