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‘Army of frogs’ on peace mission in J&K

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Several fragments and tiny pieces of political outfits in India under the great leadership of Rahul Gandhi who led the congress party to a historic defeat in 2019 election has undertaken a mission to J&K recently and such an attempt looks like the mission of an army of frogs to assess the flood situation. Fortunately, the army of frogs were sent back from the airport.

According to the tukde tukde gangs that rallied under Rahul Gandhi, democracy has been butchered, freedom of speech is denied etc., by the present dispensation in J&K after the abrogation of article 370 and 35A.

The dynast Rahul Gandhi is indeed a ‘baby’ in Indian politics, except his entitlement for PM’s post and abusing Narendra Modi, he knows nothing, therefore if he cry for milk, no one would find it strange or astonishing as what else a baby would ask for other than milk. Therefore Rahul Gandhi has the addiction and innate habit of trying to milk his political fortune from every occasion and opportunity without ascertaining the harmful side effects of his politics to our country.

The state of J&K is quite different from other states in India because Pakistan is continuously waging proxy war against India by targeting some parts of Kashmir valley. Therefore mere abrogation of article 370 alone may not bring peace and solve all problems in J&K but India has to shut all its doors for the Pakistan trained terrorists and infiltrators to enter into India.

People of Jammu, Ladhak and Kashmir are overwhelmingly happy with PM Modi for the bold decision but Pakistan is really rattled and jittery and therefore PM Modi has to ensure safety and peace of J&K. Unfortunately PM Modi also has to be scared more about some politicians within India and J&K than Pakistan trained separatist and infiltrators because the enemy within India is far more dangerous. These politicians are real foxes in goat’s skin and sadly many innocent people still believe these politicians to be true patriots and are true to India. But it seems they are in love more with Pakistan than with India.

It looks like, for the dynast Rahul Gandhi and other tukde tukde gangs or perfectly says so, army of frogs does not want the bold decision of PM Modi to scrap article 370 to be successful. For them defeat of PM Modi is more important and even if such defeat goes against the interest of India is fine for them. Therefore all those pieces that went on a peace mission to J&K a few days ago really wants see how to make some politics out of such a visit to J&K. But like how the Honourable Supreme Court of India said, Government needs reasonable time to bring J&K situation under control and therefore several restrictions needs to be imposed in the state. Relaxing all such restrictions can be done only progressively and until complete normalcy is returned, unwanted political interferences and spirited journalism in the name of free speech and democracy cannot be entertained in J&K until then.

Further, the abrogation of article 370 is not just a mere paper work but at ground zero, several actions and initiatives must be taken, several strategies must be implemented and the transformation on war footing must be achieved so that the people of J&K are made excited and feel happy and proud of the peaceful living atmosphere that they had not witnessed since 1947.

The army of frogs at best only can croak….croak and cannot galvanize the support of people of India. Further the dynast Rahul Gandhi and other tukde tukde gangs that rallied around him are well known to Indians so no one is going to see any truth or sincerity in any of the actions of the above army of frogs.

It looks like congress party of the dynast and other tukde tukde gangs wants to divide the issue relating to scrapping of article 370 as problem between Hindus and Muslims but it is not about Hindus and Muslims but about cross-border terrorism and two families enjoying all rights at the might of article 370 that they got such privilege from another family in India politics that ruled and ruined India since 1947.

The party that butchered freedom and democracy in India by promulgating emergency, curbing press, mutilating judiciary, jailing all voices of dissent is crying wolf today. Ironically all those victims of emergency are now rallied under the grandson of Indira Gandhi, who (Indira Gandhi) is referred as Hitler of India who imposed emergency when judiciary was about convict her on corruption charges.

India is firm, strong and decisive and stands with Modi to make India a great land where dynastic politics, nepotism, corruption and hatred have no space. Good governance need no opposition and therefore people of India must work hard to elect out all opposition parties and should support BJP to make India a great land.

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