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An awakening call for Hindus

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Wake up, Hindus!

Thanks to our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi there has been a massive awakening of Hindus across Bharat and the world, an awakening to the systematic destruction of Hindu civilization over the past 1000 years, certainly accelerated by the British and further accelerated by the Nehru dynasty.

Nehru dynasty has in fact created institutions to destroy all facets to Hinduism. Wherever you look, you are surrounded by anti-Hindu forces – the media, the judiciary, the bureaucrats, academia, the entertainment industry, etc.

While social media has played a key role in exposing the anti-Hindu forces, there are still large sections of Hindus who are still in denial about their impending doom. The 4Ms – Marxists, Mullahs, Missionaries and Media, aided by the ‘Breaking India’ political parties such as Congress, TMC, DMK, etc. are on a major overdrive to destroy the sacred and cultural facets of Hinduism, with an eventual goal to convert Bharat to an Islamo-Christian state. Bharat is the only place in the world where the 4Ms are together! So, Hindus, wake up to this reality!

For a Hindu in his/her 20s or 30s, imagine your granddaughter having to wear a Burqa to walk on the road because it is not safe to be a Hindu in our own land. Imagine that she is given a choice to either convert, get killed or move out. What would she do? Where would she go?

For many, such a scenario is considered doomsday or paranoia. And voices that are fighting for the preservation of whatever is left of the Hindu civilization have more opposition from the same folks for whom this Dharmic war is being waged. So, what can the ordinary Hindu do about this?

At the least, there are some basic actions all of us can take:



It’s a fad to call ourselves ‘spiritual but not religious’. This is the starting point for civilizational destruction. A wise man once said that ‘religion without philosophy is fanaticism, and philosophy without religion is mere mental speculation’. By abandoning our religious practices, we have paved the way for conversion, the takeover of temples, erosion of our festivals, looting of deities, killing of cows, the takeover of our lands by Churches, loss of freedom to carry out our practices.


Talk to elders in your family especially women, ask them about the religious practices of your family. If they don’t know, seek the counsel of friends or mentors whom you trust.

  • Start following basic practices like having a puja place, identify yourself with a personal deity, light a lamp, offer flowers, food, chant basic simple prayers every day with your family.
  • Go to your local temple regularly, even if it is for a few minutes per day. Offer any donations directly to the priest and not to the hundi (unless it is a privately owned temple).
  • Wear the family tilak daily. You won’t lose your job because of this.
  • If you know your family Guru, please reach out and seek a path for your spiritual development


We have given up all our cultural aspects, leaving it to the Breaking India Forces to define who we are. They tell us what is wrong with our festivals, and we are happy to toe their line. No crackers during Diwali, no Ganapathi Visarjan, no Durga Puja, no Dahi Handi during Krishna Janmashtami, etc. Essentially, this is removing the sacred and the culture from our festivities, which is like reducing a house to just the pillars without the walls or a roof.


  • Celebrate both the religious and cultural aspects of festivals, ideally in a group in your community or your local temple.
  • Don’t let yourself get bullied by the Breaking India forces on scaling down your celebrations on any front.


As Hindus, we don’t realize that we have the economic power to dictate terms on consumerism. Instead, we are happy to be blind to where our money goes. The strategy of the Breaking India forces is to take money from Hindus and use it to Break Hinduism.

Money spent on movies goes to fund anti-Hindu movies.

Money spent on online portals goes to fund anti-Hindu themed products.

Money spent on Christian convents and hospitals goes to fund conversions.

Money spent on government-owned temples goes to fund other religions.


Be very careful about where your money goes. To begin with, that would mean an economic boycott of nearly 95% of the movies – almost all ‘woods’ are infested with Anti-Hindu strategy. Follow the trail of money to figure out where it eventually goes. Only contribute to Dharmic causes. Be very wary of NGOs who are just a front for Breaking India Forces. By controlling the flow of your hard-earned money, you can make a huge impact on arresting the growth of the Breaking India Forces.

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