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Triple talaq ban by Modi Government restored dignity and independence of Islamic women in India

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not just the maker of New India but is also the maker of new paths for millions to travel and reach their destination. The make in India, new India, skill India are some of the exemplary initiatives PM Modi has taken to transform India to new heights of success and development.

Obscurantism, archaic notions and recipes of religious barbarianism etc., must be eliminated from practice by all civil society. Such elimination is needed to ensure freedom and dignity of people living in the society. Pronouncing talaq thrice to get divorce by men and put the impecunious woman in the street in the name of religious freedom or rule, no civilized country can entertain and should also.

But since time immemorial the government headed by congress party and other tukde tukde gangs never adventures to reform the country and ban triple talaq to regain the dignity, right and freedom of Muslim women in the society. None of these parties have ever dared to do so fearing the loss of vote of some chauvinistic men in the community. For these political parties, dignity, right and freedom of Islamic women were less important than their vote bank. But ironically all these political parties always portray itself as the sole guardians of secularism, minority voice and free speech. But when the triple talaq bill was introduced in the parliament, the debate in support of the motion has exposed the true colour of all these parties like how the blue fox got exposed in rain as told in Panchatantra story. People of India must remember all these parties stood for the barbaric, obscurantist, regressive triple talaq and tried to describe the efforts of PM Modi as communal and anti-Muslim.

People of India are not going to believe any of those corrupt forces and minority appeasers in future. The question of how a civil contract called marriage can attract criminal prosecution as raised by the congress party and other opposition members look primordial. To prevent a barbaric practice that is in existence for several decades, a severe punishment is must and only then such regressive practice can be prevented and the dignity of women can be restored. The criminal prosecution is not meant to punish but meant to caution men not to trample upon the dignity and freedom of women in the name of triple talaq, a religious right.

People in the Islamic community, especially those educated people must recognise the duplicity and hypocrisy of the so called self-appointed guardians and custodians of secularism and minority protection like congress party, DMK, TRS, TDP, SP, BSP, TMC etc.

Even today the discrimination and domestic violence endured by women in India is quite high.  Due to the social compulsion many women are enduring all such pains silently. When our society legalizes all such discriminatory acts in the name of religious right, how such country can save women from such discrimination is a serious question.

PM Modi has initiated several reforms for women and poor in India by providing them with cooking gas connection, building toilets, proving drinking water, providing financial aid to build houses, opening bank account, health insurance, financial aid to all those who have entrepreneurial quest etc. But all the above initiatives may go deaf, mute and blind if women are not freed from the discrimination and injustice called triple talaq sanctioned by the religion.

Modiji has taken initiatives to develop everyone in the country because BJP always believes in the ethos that India belongs to every Indian. The only pre-requisite for such ownership claim is patriotism and Indian-ness.

Triple talaq ban by Modi government has earned sab ka vishwas where rich and poor, Hindus and non- Hindus, educated person and uneducated person, old age and youths, people of all walks of life respect and support PM Modi unconditionally because he is true, honest and walk the talk. Further Modi also will not promote dynastic politics, nepotism and corruption.

A good and corruption free governance, governance dedicated for development and sab ka vikas by an honest leader, a sage, a saint, a mendicant doesn’t need opposition. Therefore it is time for all those follow different political ideologies must join BJP to make India a great land under the leadership of PM Modi.

India needs supporters for PM Modi and not opposition because good governance requires no opposition. The empowered women force in India must teach all those pseudo-secular forces led by congress, DMK and others by defeating them and supporting PM Modi continuously to take India to new heights.

S Ranganathan

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