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One nation, one ration card, the greatest administrative innovation of PM Modi to help poor and stop freebie politics

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The government headed by Narendra Modi asking all states to implement one India one ration card by 2020 should be seen as one of the most progressive political and administrative steps taken by his government. This step would not only reform India, help poor people to benefit from public distribution system (PDS) but also would prevent freebie politics and politics of exploitation of the weaker section by political parties promise to give rice for 1 rupee done by DMK to win an election.

Centre provides rice and other commodities to the states at a subsidised rate and the state then distributes the same to its people through PDS at a rate fixed by the respective states. The states like Tamil Nadu is giving rice free of cost to people as a poll promise for vote. The union government is likely to harmonize the subsidy norm for various provisions for public distribution through ration shops. Once a proper system and standard is done, every state would be provided with various provisions at a fixed rate of subsidy. If the state government makes freebie culture and exploit the poor people instead of empower them, the state has to bear the burden.

Another important dimension of the above reform innovation of PM Modi is that the ration card provided to the citizens under one nation, one ration card system is valid for the citizens in any part of India. So whenever people re-locate to different states, the proposed ration card will help those people without any hustle.


The public distribution system needs an urgent cleaning and proper harmonization among all states. Corruption and misuse of government funds are happening heavily in public distribution system. Once the system of one India, one ration card is introduced, PM Modi can ensure not only corruption and misuse of government funds meant for poor is stopped but also can achieve the ethos of one India by people when they enjoy the benefit of one India one ration card system when they frequently move to different parts of India.

Today, many people who don’t deserve provisions from PDS are also enjoying the benefit and at the same time many deserving families are excluded from the system, the reason for their exclusion, no one really knows. Bringing the PDS system under digital platform and making even the central government also can monitor the micro details and review the ground truth only then we can make all state governments accountable and responsible.

If one India ethos is not enforced strongly and forcefully, no such reform is possible. Need of the hour is not blocking the check valves of the dam called corruption; the main door of the dam called corruption needs to be closed completely and permanently.


People of India must recognise and thank PM Modi for bringing such a great reform. He could do so only because of the decisive mandate given by people of India. The political will and wisdom of PM Modi needs to be supported by people of this country unconditionally and only then New India can be built. The deserving people must be supported, helped and empowered and those misuses the system must be neutralized and paralyzed.

Only when a transparent system is brought in the administration, accountability and responsibility of all government officials and elected government can be achieved. PM Modi is not just reforming the administration but also fixing spy cameras to stop pilferage and misuse.

It is the responsibility of every citizen in India who aspires for New India, India free from corruption and scams, governance free from dynastic politics and nepotism, governance dedicated for development and sab ka vikas, India that remains as one nation, one election, one tax under one political party BJP and one honest leader Narendra Modi must spread the above administrative innovation of PM Modi to introduce one India one ration card to everyone in the society.


Similarly we also must teach people in our society that the umbilical cord of one India is our sacred and living culture – Hinduism. Hinduism is not a religion and therefore promoting Hinduism is non-religious and not against any other religion. Secular credential of India comes from the Hindu culture being followed by majority community and therefore let us culturally also integrate all people under Hinduism.

S Ranganathan

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