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Movie by 49 directors, same story, script, screenplay, action…. So stale, fie

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Once again a new movie has come to the political theatre of the opposition parties in India but the only interesting aspect is that the movie has been directed this time not by one director but by 49 directors.

One may get curious as why 49 directors have made a movie and what is so different. The greatest irony is that the story is same, the script is same, the screenplay is same, actions are same and also the stunt scenes are same….. then why 49 directors are required to make such movie?

It is quite natural that such movie with the above characteristics would not get any traction from people, no one would make any attempt to pirate or video graph the movie secretly and in fact, would not even watch such stale movie, the question is how to market such movie in Indian political theatre? Make the direction of such movie by 49 directors so people may wonder oh …..49 directors have done a single movie!


The 49 directors have directed the above movie more to keep their name being discussed in prime time debate in TV channels so that they would feel happy that they are still alive and not dead.  Even to make believe themselves that they are alive, they need Narendra Modi and debate on intolerance, lynching and Jai Sree Ram.

The new found love of the so called custodians of secularism and liberal thinking is more meant to attack Hinduism, mock chanting of Jai Sree Ram and appease minority communities. Actually they are dividing the communities in the name of acting as they are the true protectors of minority communities and voice of secularism.

Most of the lynching incidents are falsely concocted stories, far from Hindu-Muslim fight or relating to Jai Sree Ram. But the so called ‘pseudo-liberals’ and ‘neo-intelligentsia’ finds lots of fancy feelings to portray India as the land of lynchers.


India has changed. People of India are not fools to follow the self-notified intelligentsia or their one sided story to describe the corruption and scam free governance of PM Modi as so bad and the rule of dynastic politics, corruption, minority appeasement are great.

India will remain with Narendra Modi and BJP and will continue to support the good governance of PM Modi, will try to infuse the spirit and sense of one India with the cultural identity of Hinduism and will make India Ram’s Rajya.

Politicians and their affiliates in the past have tried their best to sell the story of hatred and negativity against Narendra Modi, did everything that they can to malign the reputation of PM Modi but have failed miserably. Now their fan club and sycophants are enacting the same story with the hope that India’s political theatre would find such movie so exciting and the excitement would incite hatred towards PM Modi and BJP.


The 49 directors are very unfortunate and are trying to work overtime to achieve a goal that is unachievable to them purely because Indian electorates are wise and intelligent.

PM Modi has reformed India and the very thinking of Indians and also the political landscape.  Every Indian is so passionate about New India invoked by PM Modi and are supporting PM Modi to make India a great land where everyone participate in building the same as equal equity holders.

The vision of PM Modi is caste and religion-less, non-gender specific and sab ka vikas centric. People of India must lend their unconditional support to PM Modi to make India a great land, the governance free of corruption, scam, nepotism, dynastic politics and politics of hatred, minority appeasement and discrimination. Let us call the movie of 49 directors stale and fie and let us invoke the great culture of Hinduism to promote universal brotherhood and unity among all religion.

S Ranganathan

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