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Modi Government is digging out the buried truths which everyone should know for our country, religion and culture

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Shitiz Srivastava
Shitiz Srivastava
A Filmmaker, Digital Marketing Expert, Author, Columnist, Vlogger, Pubic Speaker, a Right Winger and an avid Modi Supporter.

Someone forwarded me few videos of the journalist Pushpendra Kulshreshtra a few days back.

Being a newbie right winger and someone who is still trying to understand what went wrong in India before 2014, I was hooked to those videos.

The videos of Pushpendra Kulshreshtra are dominantly anti-Muslims; not every Muslim, like he is not against Shias and other non-violent Muslims. He is against Sunni Muslims who have an affinity towards Pakistan and who dream of further dividing India in more versions of Pakistan.

Though he is knowledgeable, had worked in Pakistan for 12 years, have in-depth knowledge of Koran and Muslim culture and talks sensibly, I still found his videos lacking in-depth research and I feel they are a little provocative.

Those videos led me to more such videos by Major Gaurav Arya and Vivek Agnihotri.

Major Arya talks mostly about defence and how Indian Army was paralyzed by previous governments, how defence and Indian Security was compromised due to vote banks and how Indian Hindus are not united to attract the sympathy of the world they duly deserve for years of being at the victim end.

Vivek Agnihotri talks about Maoists, Naxals and crooked Professors in well-reputed colleges who are brainwashing students all across India, especially in Hyderabad and Delhi.

I was gulping all this overwhelming amount of information when one of my friends with whom I extensively discuss these subjects send me a video by Ex-Raw officer N.K. Sood who tells you how the previous governments had weaken the IB and Raw, how I.K. Gujral nearly destroyed RAW and put a stop on any intelligence activity on Pakistan.

He also talks about how the ex-Vice-President of India, Hameed Ansari revealed the Indian details while on a trip to Tehran, Iran.

I saw all this and a question arose in my mind.

Where were all these people before?

Why weren’t they saying anything before?

Were they afraid of the governement back then?

How much destruction did congress bring to our country just because they wanted to remain in power?

I am still seeking more answers.

Modi’s arrival has given birth to new questions and had cleared the dust over old questions.

Indian History in the next fifty years will be divided into two parts – Before 2014 and after 2014.

Modi Government has opened the closet of secrets which other government found more lucrative to hide.

The best thing that the Modi government did in the last five years according to me is that it opened a scope of discussion.

People were not interested in politics and people literally didn’t care about India. As a nation, we didn’t feel any love or responsibility for our own nation.

The people who were living in India were the one who couldn’t afford to travel abroad. Given the opportunity, they would leave with the next flight with their entire family.

And people just won’t change the country, they would also change their loyalty.

A good job in the US would ensure that they would remain more loyal to the white’s country than to their own country.

In parliament the opposition often asks not to open the past history but, in my opinion, it is imperative to open past history and bring the problems on the table that were created in the past.

None of those major problems had been resolved.

Congress tried to hide the problems from the world instead of solving them and their plan was to keep it hidden till people forget everything about it.

But the plan failed in 2014.

When I read about Indian history now, from today’s perspective, I feel that Pakistan’s issue could have been resolved way back in the ’60s.

They were so weak then. And today with the backing of China’s financial help and US defence machinery, it is nearly impossible to fight with them anymore unless they start it first, which would then it gives us a free hand.

I am pretty sure that this time If Pakistan tries something dirty with India again, they would only give an opportunity to India to take back Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) from their clutches.

If a war happens between India and Pakistan, it won’t be pleasant and there are chances that it might convert itself into a third world war. Every country is now well connected and everyone wants to show their superiority and loyalty.

No one is going to benefit from it though. At least not Pakistan.

I don’t care how bad Pakistan is and how its economy is faring down day by day (It is going down by the way). It is none of my concern and shouldn’t be anyone’s concern in India.

I care about the fate of my own country.

The fate of the country could have been changed if we had good governance back then.

I think the worst thing that happened to Indian Politics had been Rajiv Gandhi. Even Indira Gandhi was better than him. She did a lot for the country.

Rajiv Gandhi along with I.K. Gujral can be awarded the worst Prime minister of Country.

There is no other Prime minister who has done more damage to India’s Internal security than I.K. Gujral. He even tried closing down RAW and minimize their powers.

No matter how ambiguous Indira Gandhi’s government had been, there is no denying the fact that the progress happened and Pakistan always got a befitting reply. She also strengthened Raw and IB to better India’s internal security. That is a topic of some other day to discuss how she used RAW to keep an eye on her enemies, the opposition basically.

Imagine this, I didn’t know anything I just wrote above before 2014.

I was a liberal leftist, I guess. I am writing “I guess” because I had no idea back then who I was and I still don’t remember what my ideology was.

No one around me was talking about politics till Kejriwal and Modi stepped in.

Political discussion was every old man’s past time.

Kejriwal and Modi came together on the Political stand but at that time, I was a Kejriwal supporter and Modi hater.

Why did I hate Modi?

Because people and media told me to.

I had heard about Godhra case and knew it was something wrong as hundreds of people were killed but what I didn’t know was that Modi was falsely implicated in it and NDTV played a major role in making sure his name is taken as the main perpetrator whenever Gujarat Riots are discussed.

The partial, fake and shoddy journalism of NDTV made crores of Indians believe that Hindus were wrong in creating riots, they were the culprits and Modi was the mastermind of it all.

Amit Shah was a criminal for me.

To me, Batla encounter case was also a fake one.

More questions arose in my mind.

Why do we have the tendency to stand against the power all the time?

Why do we believe the narrative that suits our own agendas?

Why do we forcefully desire ethics and morals in everything when they are biggest distractors of truth?

We want things to happen in a certain manner and when they don’t happen the way we want them to happen, we create an alternate truth to suit our own thinking.

I was surprised when Modi came to power.

Every member of my family was supporting BJP and Modi. During most conversations, I would be sitting quiet because I was a Kejriwal supporter.

I so hate myself for supporting Kejriwal now.

Kejriwal at that time wasn’t a crazy Modi-Hater but a Congress hater.

Little did I know that Kejriwal would later turn out to be the biggest political scam of all time.

The results of 2014 confused me. I wasn’t angry because I didn’t know much about Indian Politics and frankly it didn’t matter to me.

But I was confused that why would people vote for a mass murderer.

There has to be something more to it.

If people are voting in massive numbers to Modi then there must know something about Modi which I didn’t know.

By then I had started reading political articles and was getting aware of what changes Modi was bringing to India. I had started watching his speeches and I came to know more about his plans and achievements.

With time, I got to know the conspiracies that were being led by previous governments just to remain in power.

It was not just me, but my friends who were politically ignorant earlier; had suddenly started taking an active interest in politics.

We chose political parties based on our own agendas and none of us were listening to each other. Everyone had an abundance of arguments and between all this, I researched more and more to argue more with people.

It all led to a few good things.

My love for Country increased. My love for culture increased.

And My love for my religion increased.

I never cared about what was happening in Jammu and Kashmir and like the liberals, I wouldn’t mind gifting it to Pakistan to end this border tension.

What people like me couldn’t see was that Pakistan does not just want Kashmir. Kashmir is a symbol of their desires. I mean why would a country fight for 70 years for a petite piece of land that does not have an economy of its own.

First it is ego and second, they want the entire Hindustan and not just Kashmir. Kashmir would be just the starting point.

The concept of Gazwa-A-Hind is scary. It just shedders me from inside thinking that if we didn’t have an option like Modi amongst us, then this country was not away from turning itself into Gazwa-A-Hind.

But still, I don’t understand why Hindus are so pessimistic, dormant and passive all the time.

Why don’t about their own people and their own existence?

They don’t care and they are indifferent towards everything.

But thankfully the majority of them now has at least started talking.

There needs to be a start and thankfully the incumbent government has forced people to talk.

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Shitiz Srivastava
Shitiz Srivastava
A Filmmaker, Digital Marketing Expert, Author, Columnist, Vlogger, Pubic Speaker, a Right Winger and an avid Modi Supporter.
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