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JDS-Congress government in Karnataka worse than emergency, black hole of democracy

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The bottomless greed for power, obsession and lust to protect the government and jettison democracy at any cost shown by JDS-Congress coalition government in Karnataka after knowing fully well that the coalition does not have the majority and it cannot muster majority has proven to be a disaster to the state of Karnataka, worse than emergency and is indeed a black hole of democracy. By blaming BJP or alleging a value of Rs.1000 crore mission is on to destabilize the coalition government are not going to cut much ice in Indian politics.

Ever since the government was formed by both JDS and Congress party, the unwritten agreement was that how to make the Karnataka state an ATM. Therefore governance had not happened since then and only feud between JDS and congress party was happening almost every day may be due to some arithmetic error in sharing the profit.  As a result, the Karnataka Chief Minister has become a weeping child in Indian politics, tried to earn as much sympathy as possible through expression of his tears, tried to denigrate congress party to masque his mal-governance and unstoppable corruption.

The beautiful state of Karnataka has witnessed several such political upheavals in the past but never has undergone the worst phase like what the state is enduring today thanks to JDS-Congress coalition.

When the grandmother of congress dynast and the then prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi clamped emergency, she mutilated, blinded, muted and deafen democracy and the voice of people, caged judiciary and press, imprisoned all dissent and the rule of tyranny was the real emperor of India during emergency. Today the JDS-Congress government in Karnataka in the name of debate on motion on vote of confidence is delaying the floor test, trying all tricks in the book to engage in horse trade and subvert democracy. The debate on vote of confidence and horse trade has overtaken governance and the state is yawning for a government. Unfortunately congress and JDS are creating black hole of democracy by devaluing all political ethics and etiquettes to remain in power.

The majority deficit of JDS-Congress coalition is not small as the independent legislatures have withdrawn support besides several of congress and JDS MLA’s who have already submitted their resignation. The coalition has lost not only majority but morality also to remain in power but still the hunger for power and greed to loot, shamelessly the alliance government is trying to remain in power.

Horse trading and if not possible, try to earn public sympathy when Governor of the state recommend president’s rule is the tactic JDS and congress party are playing. More than JDS, the causality for congress party is going to be high due to the shameless drama of its leaders to be in power without majority.

If congress party had gracefully withdrawn support to JDS and decides to go to people would have helped the congress party a bit. But it is too late for congress party to do anything to rebuild its image at national level due to Karnataka episode.

Actually the congress party had entered willingly to fire to self-immolate itself when it decided to support JDS leader HD Kumarasamy as chief minister just to stop BJP from forming government in Karnataka. After sometime congress lost its grip and JDS used the opportunity wisely and brought congress to a precarious situation and tried to malign congress party in public through weep and wiping out tears by HD Kumarasamy. When JDS-Congress combine lost majority beyond a point to no hope, congress party should have sensed it and should have allowed the coalition government to fall graceful than making attempts after attempts to demoralize democracy and make black hole to extinguish people’s voice.

Today congress cannot remain without JDS but JDS has its options open. If congress continues with JDS it would lose its credibility and without JDS, congress cannot contest alone in Karnataka.

People support and admire PM Modi and BJP because PM Modi is honest, committed and has transformed India in the last 5 years. India before 2014 and India after 2014 is so obvious and black and white to the world. When people of Karnataka wants BJP to rule the state, JDS and congress cheated the mandate of people of the state and then tried everything to destroy and demoralize democracy for power. The misdeed of the congress party is haunting the party at the national level.

Still time is not too late for congress party to ask for forgiveness to people of Karnataka and India for supporting JDS and demoralizing democracy. Once such open confession is made and pardon from people’s court is sought and apologised to PM Modi and BJP, certainly the congress party can do something to rebuild its image. Congress party must then work seriously to dismantle JDS and other regional parties from Indian politics.

S Ranganathan

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