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It is not leadership scarcity, leadership indigestion is the real problem of Congress

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If we carefully analyse the plight of congress party in the broad sense, we can clearly understand that the problem of the party is not the scarcity/shortage of leaders but the real problem of the party is indigestion and stomach ache due to too many leaders in the party. Really the congress party is a grand old party as the grand old people are only running the show without allowing new leadership to lead the party.

All those sycophant leaders were thriving in the party for several decades and were enjoying power for over 50 years without any challenge or question. Now most of them have become quite old and non-sellable in Indian politics and have reduced to the status of gentlemen of leisure.

All those ‘Devonian to Silurian age old leaders of congress party’ have been ingesting all nutrients from the party for several decades, contributed nothing except the metabolic waste stuff, have caused great nutrient scarcity but ironically still they do not want to leave the ecosystem to new generation to make the party lively and vibrant. In a sense all those age old, senescent leaders of congress party have caused eutrophication or algal bloom in congress party.

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Even if all those old generation, time barred leaders are removed forcefully from the party, but still it would be very difficult for the new set of leaders to revive the ecosystem so easily as the burden of waste metabolites of all those time barred leaders in congress party is quite high and has to be cleared first and only then new culture can be installed.

In the course of evolution, all those time barred leaders of congress party have not only adapted but also have evolved to live in such eutropicated ecosystem as they simply want power from behind the curtain. But the party is not realizing the truth that even if the party sow seeds of new leadership like the seeds of redwood or other giant tree in such eutropicated soil, due to the continuous existence of all those time barred leaders in the system and overloading the habitat with the burden of the old age politics (metabolite burden), the new leadership is likely to suffer from bonsai growth or no growth.

The reason for the senescent leaders in congress party to have Gandhi family at the helm looks quite simple. The last emperor of the Gandhi family is described as un-teachable by TIME magazine. Therefore he needs the lame, old ducks to guide him. The dynast also would be safe and comfortable in the company of old ducks in the party because the old ducks enjoys status in the party due to the dynast and dynast conducts the party thanks to all those old ducks.  Therefore both the old ducks and un-teachable dynast need each other.

On the contrary the present generation leaders if propped up in the party, in all likelihood may not tolerate the stupidity of the dynast beyond a point and such situation might pose threat to the leadership of the dynast.

But the question is can congress afford to eutropicate the party with old ducks and deny opportunity to merit and talent?  In family party, merit doesn’t exist and instead sycophancy and punkah coolie alone can thrive.

India has changed. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has transformed India. The governance of PM Modi is free of corruption, nepotism, dynastic culture, minority appeasement, fear mongering, lie and hate politics as practiced by the dynast and parties like DMK. The New India electorates are not just voters but are makers of New India. The vision of one India, one election, one ration card, one tax and finally one political party – BJP and one leader– PM Modi has really touched people so dearly. After seeing the power game in congress party and how regressive is the coalition government in Karnataka, people must pledge unconditional support to PM Modi to make India a great land of opportunity, dignity, sab ka vikas and is connected by one sacred culture Hinduism.

S Ranganathan

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