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Comparison of congress party with the survival of a headless roach

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Today the functioning of congress looks like it has reduced itself to the state of a headless roach or praying mantis. It is scientifically proven that a roach (cockroach) can survive decapitation.  The question is how a roach survives without head? Cockroach does not have blood pressure, does not have the network of blood vessels like that of humans, instead they have open circulatory system. When the head is removed, the neck seals off immediately and thus the blood loss is controlled. The headless roach can breathe through spiracles or little holes in the body segment. Besides all the above, the brain of the roach does not control breathing or blood circulation. Roach is also cold blooded animal. Hence the headless roach can survive for days and die more due to starvation.

Interestingly the head also can survive for days without body, waving its antennae until all the reserved energy is exhausted. The refrigerated, nutrient supplemented head under experimental conditions has survived for several hours.

In the case of Praying Mantis also the game is same. During mating, the female praying mantis is known to eat of the head of the male but the male would still mate/copulate the female, without head. The process of copulation in praying mantis is not controlled by the head.

Today if we scientifically compare the plight of the grand old congress party we can draw several similarities between congress party with headless roach or headless Praying Mantis.

Once upon a time, congress party was crawling in Indian politics like a cockroach, ruined our country, colonized corruption in every nook and corner of governance and in fact congress party was a real ‘vermin’ in Indian politics. Defeat after defeat that suffered by the dynast or the head of the congress party made the dynast tired and obviously he finds no more lies to spread, no scope for hate and negative politics, no more unwise and gullible people to accept his un-teachable leadership traits therefore the dynast has decided to decapitate from the congress party as its head. As soon as he got decapitated, the congress party has become a headless roach and it can survive only for very short period of time. Similarly the dynast also like the decapitated head of a roach that survives for hours, would last for some more time in Indian politics.

Since 1947, the family politics of congress party has corroded India, bread corruption in Indian politics from head to toe, celebrated nepotism, destroyed merit, harmed religious amity among various religions through minority appeasement politics, destroyed development, economy, merit etc. India was sick and tired of congress party and was longing for a saviour.

As a part of good and corruption free governance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi started to de-weed all corrupt babus and officials, frozen all opportunities for the political parties to loot the nation and as a result of all such initiatives, the dynast of the congress party could not sell his lies, fear mongering, negative politics and calling the embodiment of truth and goodness, PM Modi a thief etc. Finally the defeat hit the dynast very hard and due to the unbearable pain and frustration suffered after recent poll, the dynast has decided to get decapitated from congress as its head.

Today the dynast behaves like the decapitated head of a roach and similarly the congress party is also behaving exactly like the body of a headless roach. The present day crisis of congress party is real text book knowledge for all those who want to be in Indian politics.

Politics of dynasty, nepotism, sycophancy club, corruption, politics of arithmetic, coalition politic, minority appeasement, fear mongering among minority community, politics of negativity and hatred etc., are not going to find any support or patronage in Indian politics in future.

PM Modi has transformed India, made Indians dreamers and workers of New India, reached the good governance of Modi to every house and made India the country of positivity, sacred culture- Hinduism and land of virtues and spirituality.

People of India must pledge their unconditional support to PM Modi to develop India and at the same time must defeat all regional forces and congress party. When the governance is good, corruption and nepotism free and centred around sab ak vikas, opposition is not needed. PM Modi is a noble, benevolent, visionary leader. He is the cradle of honesty and personal integrity.  To save India, India need BJP and PM Modi and not headless roach or praying mantis.

S Ranganathan

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