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A new deal for SC/ST community

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There has been very little discussion in this country on one of long standing policy which is sort of a chief driver of job market in India. There is a need to at least start a conversation and eventually reform the reservation policy which has failed to achieve its intended consequences for the communities it meant to uplift.

Today we see massive agitation and even caste conflicts in some cases as a fallout to the feeling of discrimination that seems to have seeped among communities and in general death of meritocracy in India but besides that even among the Scheduled castes /tribes the reservation policy has proven to be a failure. While most from the reserved communities lag behind faring no better than they once were, in fact in some cases even sliding down, a selected elites have pushed through and keep on using reservation for generations to trample upon the rights of dowtrodden in the same community.

Although mere criticism of reservation without providing for an alternative scheme for the uplifment of reserved communities owing to historically disadvantaged position of those is unproductive. Meritocracy argument is certainly a strong case but even stronger is that reservation as implemented today has failed its objectives and in fact its the scheduled castes/tribes who need a new and better deal. Something devoid of considerations regarding political vote banks & dwelling into real and effective solutions to the problems faced by marginalised section.

A new deal for uplifment of scheduled castes /tribes

Reservation policy rather than eliminating societal disadvantages has created new ones among elites withing the marginalised castes & ones truly at the margins of society therefore there is a need to bring in certain checks & balances while limiting all reservations to 10% EWS quota under which as part of affirmative pre requisite should be that one can avail reservation only if noone from the previous generation either father or mother has availed it to benefit

Specific to SC/ST students all SC/ST students (under EWS critera) should get completely govt. funded primary, secondary & senior secondary & college education in all colleges & university of the country . The funds to which could be managed by the govt of india through fund transfers from various wastefull government run schemes specific to SC/ST social welfare schemes.


Also land & house has always been mark of societal dignity & status therefore to counter societal prejudices against SC/ST in villages where they still live in secluded community & ghettos because of which they face a lot of hardships & disadvantages. This is why Pradhan mantri awas yojana is so important . A 50% preferential quota for SC/ST should be alloted under PM awas yojana to build houses for SC/ST families on a preferrential basis & with an increased emphasis for not allowing segregated ghettos & ensuring a multi caste community living under the scheme.

For appointments of SC/ST priests, a formulation vedic education board hindu civil society must ensure SC/ST students to be enrolled early (preferably at the age of 10)& trained effectively with a gurukul based environment for effective conditioning of child in dharmic studies & commitment for hindu dharma for later appointments as priests in renowed temples.

If implemented the proposals will go a long way not just for mainstreaming of SC/St communities but also ensuring a united india.

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