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Civil Engineer and an atheist right winger,environmetalist.

Warning for people: INDIA IS SECULAR and if you criticize it then you are Bhakt, Hindutva warrior, Sanghi and democracy hater also paid IT cell troll.

Now you have understood the rule mentioned above then let’s talk about secular India. First, we should understand what secularism is and what it implies, secular nation means government and courts won’t mess up with religion and vice versa. It also says every person is free to practice his religion and government will not interfere in it.

Now let’s look at history. Our constitution was written by Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar and he didn’t include secular word because at that time breed based reservation was part of constitution for 10 years and then in 1975, under the rule of Indira Gandhi congress proposed the India should be secular and India was lucky enough to see the good golden phase of democracy. In those golden days, every opposition leader was sent into 5 star hotels to enjoy and then Indira Gandhi added secular in constitution so constitution and from 1977 India is secular.

I an atheist like the idea of total separation of two very different things and that’s how the country progresses.

Still, in a so-called flawless system, there are some flaws in this system, so let’s talk about those little problems which easily can be removed if and IF government wishes.

Breed Based Discrimination: Do not get angry and point out to me that it is caste-based discrimination, I’m using breed word to differentiate it from caste because according to Hindu scriptures, caste is decided on the basis of work you do and this tag of your last name is with everyone from birth so it is breed. Also human is an animal, an evolved ape so a human-made religious tag is not a part of your qualifications. Also, secular nation cannot discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, and ethnicity.

Clear? Let’s move forward.

As is clear from constitution breed based reservation was for 10 years and Congress didn’t end it in 10 years but in 1975 during the golden period of democracy congress bought in secular motion in parliament and with a thumping majority it was added, but even after adding this pious word congress didn’t remove breed based reservation as congress forgot to remove it.

The party which bought in secularism in country still is hell bent on dividing people more and more on the basis of breed, example here is congress’ favourite guy from Gujarat state and he was demanding breed based reservation because Patels according to him are oppressed and people are discriminating with them, he has gotten job in Congress party and he has now a private jet at his dispense but according to him, he’s unemployed.

Congress tried it in Karnataka too with Lingayats too as they are minority and they are a sub-breed of Brahmin community and some BJP minister too supported this move but it never reached to any conclusion also SC would reject it as SC keeps reservation limited to 50%, and just so you know Brahmins are the reason this country hasn’t yet taken over the whole world and they are just 4.5% of total population but they are the reason of everything wrong in this super secular nation.

In 2019 congress won Rajasthan state elections and once again Gujjar community was on roads stopping trains and blocking roads for reservations and this time again Congress has promised that it will file the petition in SC for it. Stopping Gujjars are Meena people and they too have a reservation. Since Supreme court does not want this breed system more than 50% so SC has said no to it every time, SC has denied so Gujjar community proposed that we should get 5% reservation and that can be done by removing some % of shares of Meena community, riots followed as Meena community does not wants to lose its share and to this day this fight is on.
Also if Gujjar community is thinking of getting reservations then all other community too will want reservation, because It is fun with lesser marks and age relaxation in competition exams and that too with confirmed seats for breed one belongs to is fun, so everyone wants it. On some pages, bhim army posts an image of food with percentage share showing reservation to every breed and often demand comes up to increase the percentage of their reservations.

A riot took place when Supreme Court wanted to remove a rule of jailing anyone if any person from SC/ST breed alleges that anyone has insulted him/her in any way and then leader of Congress party tweeted that it was done by BJP so now general breed will insult people from lower breed, and this lead to a riot. I do not need to remind you, people, what ruckus it was and what horrible condition was in some BJP ruled states only, surprising thing is none of the riots took place in congress ruled states and because of this tweet and riot it followed resulted in loss of 40,000 Crores with beautiful damages done by BHIM Army. To overturn Supreme Court’s ruling Modi government bought in motion in parliament to overturn SC’s rule and to this day anyone can be jailed if a person from SC/ST breed alleges that anyone insulted the concerned person.

This can be solved if all the parties meet and agree that a creamy layer should be added in SC/ST breed based group but no one wants to risk votes and riots would be disastrous again so no party wants to risk it until all the parties agree with it and a motion is passed in parliament.

A good decision was taken by the Modi government at the end of 2018 that poor people from general breed too should get reservation and this bill too was passed in both the houses. After this bill was passed, Tehseen poonawalla spokesperson of secular Congress party ran to Supreme Court with petition that this law is wrong and will reduce numbers of seats of reserved breed but SC rejected it. Media too tried spinning it by saying it is to lower numbers from reserved breed seats but then again if we question secular media then our democracy and secular fabric would be in danger.

Economical basis should be part of reservation but no politician would want to risk its votes so no one is talking about numbers of families from reserved category which have taken advantage of it and as far as I know no government has numbers of it. I have one solution to make India a secular nation a creamy layer should be added in SC/ST reservation system cause after 70+ years we see some families are taking advantage of it and in 3rd generation some families are enjoying breed based reservation but many poor people from SC/ST breed haven’t yet taken any seats or jobs through reservation, families taking advantage generation after generation isn’t poor or backward so our government and Supreme Court must think about it. I know some politicians might raise their voice against this decision but we also should ask the government for numbers of families which have taken advantage of breed based reservation so we can add those families in the creamy layer at the very least so in some decades or centuries India can be secular without breed based reservation/discrimination.

Blasphemy Law: Yup the lovely 295 A of IPC is blasphemy law and it says that one can’t disrespect any religion in any way whatsoever and if anyone does this, that person can be jailed. An atheist Abhijeet Iyar Mitra spent 45 days in jail because he made fun of religion and then when the government intervened he was out of jail. Funny thing is people can believe any stupid thing like we have flat earth believers, evolution deniers, No religion has ever said anything about vaccination so religion too says vaccination is not necessary. And if we a secular nation can’t make fun of religion then it seriously poses a question on our secular nation and just so you know Pakistan too has blasphemy laws and their apostates are executed according to sharia rule but then again India is secular and we cannot question these absurd laws.

Sharia Courts: AIMPLB has currently established 50 sharia courts and plans to open 655 more so sharia courts can be in every district of India.

Currently, sharia court says that they’d just handle disputes in marriage but what if sharia courts decide punishment according to rules of sharia like beheading apostates, throwing homosexuals from height and punishing adulterers where females would be buried till neck and would be stoned till she dies. In the case of males, males would be buried till neck and then would be stoned till they die so how can a secular nation allow this kind of execution is a question no one wants to answer.

But again these killings would be secular killings and secular nation also allows religious freedom so you can’t question these killing.

Messing with religion: A temple in Kerala named Sabarimala temple where females from age 16-50 aren’t allowed as God Ayyappa swore Brahmacharya so females weren’t allowed inside the temple, then in 2018 communist government just for this discrimination against females went to Supreme Court against this discrimination and Supreme Court allowed entry of women inside the temple. After this decision Hindu devotees got angry and protested against the government that temple can/should be spared but India is secular so CPI-M put 100s of protesters in jail because equality for women is necessary for a secular nation. Talking about the temple of ayyappa my friend from Kerala told me that there are other temples of God Ayyapa but no one knows why women wanted to enter this temple in particular and when just praying to god ayyapa is the goal then females can go to other temples too where women are allowed. But then again, no one can question feminist movement. Talking about discrimination against females one mosque named Vavar mosque near Sabarimala temple too doesn’t let women enter females so 3 women tried entering that temple and they were held by police because that mosque does not allow women and India is secular so the government had to arrest those females.

Secular Media: When a tragedy struck our army personnel in Pulwama, Kashmir our 40 CRPF personnel were martyred in that attack but our media and caravan in particular just wrote an article saying all the martyred were from lower caste of Hinduism but none of the leaders and secularists pointed fingers cause this is secular media and it works on basis of caste.

A Hindu boy Ankit was killed by a Muslim girl’s family, whom he was in relation with since such inter-religious relationship is prohibited under sharia rule. But none of our secular media discussed anything about it. For media this news was swept under the rug because social harmony is important in India and to this day this murder is alleged. Imagine the outrage with all their favourite tags like Hindu and bhagwa terror, intolerant India, had the case been reverse. But this is religious freedom.

Fear Mongering: “If Modi came back again in 2019 then this country would be broken and this country will be finished” -Arvind Kejriwal. “If BJP got the majority in LS and RS then India will become Hindu-Pakistan as secular word will be removed”- Shashi Tharoor and Mr. Shashi keeps repeating these words again and again, in Jaipur Literature Festival he said the same thing. These people are just making people scared as these people want everyone to fear from the current government. India has supreme court and removal of secularism is not an easy task but then again we cannot question our secular politicians because then democracy and secular fabric will be in danger.

One particular scam ever leaders agree with is chit fund scam of Kolkata and Rahul Gandhi too believes this is a scam but when under Modi government CBI official were sent to Kolkata to arrest the accused people and officials, in place of accused officials CBI official were arrested in Kolkata because CBI if we believe opposition parties, CBI wasn’t doing its duty and CBI was acting on the orders of Mr. Modi and this is why Chandrababu Naidu too blocked CBI too because this is Modi’s way to destroy our each and every government associated institutes, arresting CBI officials is totally fine because INDIA IS SECULAR.

Taxes on religious institutions: I’m an atheist and like the idea of taking tax from religious institution but sparing mosque and churches is a question which would again kill democracy and secular fabric would come in danger if the government decides to do it, maybe every party will have to meet and decide it in LS and RS because secular nation cannot collect tax money from religious institutions but in India taxes are collected rightfully from temples and mosque and churches are spared because INDIA IS SECULAR.

Taxes from politicians: Rahul showed his kurta with torn pocket and came in 3 cars worth 1.5 crore each to change 4000 rupees from bank during Demonetization with personal security, he and his mother has to pay a billion rupees income tax but according to Rahul, he’s poor. Akhilesh yadav and his wife both are poor. Ms. Mayawati too has earned from her farming business but she too is poor, only question is our Indian army pay taxes, temples pay taxes but why our politicians don’t pay taxes? This is not a law under so called secularism of India but asking this question will put our democracy in danger and our India will again be broken. In every other secular nation politicians pay taxes but in India getting into politics is a business and one can have unaccounted money but no politician will ever pay tax, because INDIA IS SECULAR.

Jai Hind
Vande Matram
Bharat Mata Ki Jai

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Civil Engineer and an atheist right winger,environmetalist.
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