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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the best example for greatness and gracefulness always go together

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The gracefulness of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in reaching out to all the opposition parties before the start of the parliament session and assuring them that democracy is not just about numbers, every constructive views and opinions of every individual member of the parliament is valid and important deserve special appreciation.

It is very rare to see such a humble and graceful leader like PM Modi in the contemporary world.

The epic poet and Sanskrit scholar Kalidasa in his work Shakunthalam has described so beautifully that trees with full of fruits always bend down and so are clouds laden with water will come down in the form of rain.  The same way great men will be humbler with their great victory and not arrogant.


“भवन्ति नम्रास्तरव फलोद्गमैः
नवांबुभिर्भूमिविलंबिनो घनाः
अनुद्धताः सत्पुरुषा समृद्धिभिः
स्वभाव एवैष परोपकारिणाम्”

Bhavanti namraastarava phalodgamaih
Navaambubhirbhoomivilambino ghanaah
Anuddhataah satpurushaah samriddhibhih

Narendra Modi with such a brute majority, remains so simple, humble, graceful and had reached out to all opposition parties to cooperate the government to make India a great county. Most of them had abused and accused PM Modi during election by calling him chor, divisive force etc., and still Modi assured them that every views and opinions of theirs count and not the number of seats BJP won. On the contrary, the dynast even while thanking the voters who elected him from Wayanad abused PM Modi and his sister blamed the party workers in Amethi for defeating the dynast and electing Smriti Irani. 


Look at the politics of gracefulness and humility of Modi versus arrogance, anger and the pride of entitlement of the members of the dynasty.

Indians hope that all the opposition parties would realize that they should allow the parliament session to take place and only by disrupting the parliament session and playing negative and hate politics, they have reached the brink of extinction from Indian politics.

PM Narendra Modi is the dream and aspiration of millions and millions of Indians. Therefore anyone abusing or spreading hate and negative politics against Modi, the embodiment of honesty, corruption free governance, development centric politics and vision for sab ka vikas, people of India will not tolerate and excuse.


Through spreading lies and hate politics in an organized way the party of the dynast and DMK would have won some seats in down south but lie has short life span and truth alone would triumph at the end. The dynasts of both the congress party and DMK must realize the above truth that they cannot win election continuously through politics of lies and negativity.

All those who have elected Modi and wants India’s development and sab ka vikas must engage in spreading all good initiatives of Modi to people at least once weekly so that India is filled with the spirit and energy of positivity and agenda of development and not hatred and negative politics of opposition parties and the dynast.

Like the famous Sanskrit saying,

आरभ्यन्तेऽल्पमेवाऽज्ञाः कामं व्यग्रा भवन्ति
महारंभाः कृतधियः तिष्ठन्ति निराकुला:

Aarabhante’lpamevaa’jjnaah kaamam vyagraa bhavanti cha
Mahaarambhaah kritadhiyastishthanti cha niraakulaah 

Great men start their journey in big way and accomplish the task unruffled in spite of its magnitude but on the contrary, the fools would start their journey in a small way and would then struggle to complete it.

The mission and objectives of PM Modi is great where he wants to make sure that even the last man in the street to develop, prosper, must have high quality of life, all luxuries and comfort, must be responsible to build New India and must take pride of our Bharat mata. 

Whereas the objectives of most of the opposition parties are to defeat India, defeat Modi, divide India, come to power to loot, hamper development and progress our nation, be a partner of divisive forces, engage in minority appeasement, divide the caste and religion; the best example being the attempt of congress party in Karnataka to divide Lingayat etc.

If not the opposition parties, let us be responsible in spreading all good initiatives of PM Modi to our people so that the good governance and PM Modi’s journey of victory continuous and not of those tukde tukde gangs or dynastic parties and the politics of nepotism and corruption.

S Ranganathan

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