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Old guards, dynast young leaders, congress decays from within

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The internal problems faced by the congress party are many. The old guards do not want to quit post and power but at the same want to revamp the party with new faces. The new faces that dominate in congress party are ironically dynasts such as Sachin Pilot, Scindia, Milind deora, Gogoi etc., and they holds the reins of power and suppress the merit and hard working party workers to come to decision making posts.

The bigger irony is that everyone in the congress party had agreed on one point that they must sing the same carol praising the ultimate dynast and request the dynast to continue as president of the party.

The deeper question is why they all want the dynast to be their president and not anyone else from the party outside of the Gandhi family?

Entire India knows the dynast very well.  Therefore it is not a hidden secret that every congress men also know the dynast very well, his intelligence, leadership vision and character, his acceptance by people of India, his oratorical skill, his articulation ability etc. In fact congress men know about the dynast better than anyone else. Because everyone know about the dynast and that may be the reason why they all want the dynast to be the head of congress party. Even if the party doesn’t win election and come to power, the fan club and laughing club of the dynast can remain powerful by citing the legacy of the party and can have all paraphernalia at the expense of the party, also can work as deal broker in selecting candidates for election etc.

Manipulating, misrepresenting or distorting facts seems to be quite easy with the dynast thanks to his meagre wisdom and primordial brain power but the situation may not be same if someone else is made as president of the party.

To revamp the congress party and resurrect its relevance, the party must force all those who have crossed 65 years from the party posts and all those oldies must be kept at the outer ring of the party to offer suggestions to the party. Secondly the dynast second line leaders in the party, however young they may be, should not be given any party position as they are bound to cause inbreeding of the same culture and style within the party.


As a role model, the dynast- Raghul Gandhi must pledge to India that he would never become the president of congress party in future and will never become the Prime Minister candidate of congress party in future. If the dynast make such pledge to India along with reforms within the party by removing all those above 65 years from party position and dynastic leaders like Sachin Pilot, Scindya etc., Raghul Gandhi can to some extent regain lost his reputation that he lost by abusing Modiji and calling him chor etc.

After announcing his renunciation both from the post of President of congress party and Prime Minister Nominee of the party and then he work for the party, he can make big difference. Need of the hour is sacrifice, humility, humbleness and elimination of all those age old warriors of congress party and those dynastic young leaders in the party who impede the hardworking, meritorious party workers from occupying various positions in the party. Even if such surgery causes a big split in the party, the party must prepare for such situation and must do the much needed surgery bravely.

Similar to bringing several internal changes in the party, the party also must bring several changes in its political ideology. First change congress must bring in its political thinking is that the party must work hard to eliminate the regional parties and not BJP or Modi.


Congress party has started to lose its identity ever since the party yielded to regional parties. For example, in Tamil Nadu, the congress party has surrendered to DMK, agreed to play second fiddle forever to the support that DMK had offered to the central government formed by congress party since the time of Indira Gandhi.

In the forthcoming assembly election, congress must make hard bargain with DMK both in number of seats it wants to contest and also in power. Congress party should never allow DMK to rule the state as single party. If DMK disagree, congress must work to defeat DMK and only though such hard hitting politics, congress party can revive itself.

Congress must work towards bipartisan politics in India between congress and BJP where the regional parties are totally and completely neutralized. If congress party ever wish to voyage over the back of regional parties just to defeat BJP and Modi, such third rate politics can only defeat the congress party.

Congress must focus on eliminating regional parties from Indian politics as well as must restructure the party by eliminating the dynastic young leaders and the dominance of old guards.

To be more responsible and sensitive to India, congress must respect and praise Modi and must support good governance of Modi than engaging in negative politics, minority appeasement and fear mongering.

S Ranganathan

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