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Nationalism and spirit of one India is not against diversity and plurality – Let us support Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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Several regional parties have started to rekindle the regionalism against nationalism after the emergence of good and corruption free governance of Modi. These regional parties always talk about India’s linguistic diversity, ethnicity, practices etc. According to them, although not expressively stated, nationalism is bound to kill regionalism and plurality of the state. It is a bizarre argument and the new and young India must reject it totally and must embrace the spirit and ethos of nationalism invoked by PM Modi and BJP.

Diversity and plurality does exist even in two membered families. Whenever more than one view exists within the same family there is diversity and plurality. When people take sides to any one of the two different views or practices and if they started to continue the same for a reasonable period of time, it becomes the norm. Therefore we should not see the definition and application of diversity only in macro or mega terms but even we have to understand its existence within every family. What keeps many family members with diverse views, differing opinions, ideology and personal preference and practice to remain together is the spirit of one family that they belong to.

The value of family has never stopped or ruined the diversity or plurality of different members of the same family. Time and again, newness is bound to mix with our existing thoughts and practices and would undergo certain modifications or some may even exit from the scene. Diversity and plurality must strengthen the unison and oneness where people develop ethical, moral, intellectual generality despite each one of them having different views.

India to develop as a leader country despite its plurality and vastness but it needs nationalism. We should not divide the country based on its diversity, vastness and plurality but we should see which cord we can use to connect the diversity in our country.

Nationalism when we invoke and the ethos of one India when we kindle, such a move is only meant to protect and encourage the diversity and not to destroy it. India alone can support and encourage such diversity and plurality and not any other country. Therefore a strong India, India as a one nation must exist both in our thoughts and in our political philosophy. The youths must educate the society that the ethos of one India and one living culture called Hinduism are not against diversity and plurality that already exist in India.

During India’s freedom struggle, every Indian practicing different religion, food habits etc., participated because they were all connected by one cord that we belong to one India and we all must fight for India’s independence. Imagine even India’s freedom can be achieved when we work under the spirit of nationalism and one India, how much PM Modi can achieve for India if every Indian join the stream with the sense of one India, one election, one tax, one political party and one leader Narendra Modi.


People should realize the truth that this earth supports the existence of several millions of life forms. Interestingly several species of animals follow even prey-predator relationship. But still vast diversity in flora and fauna exist. All the species, both prey and predator, producer and decomposer, only strengthen the forest ecosystem despite they belong to different species. All the species exhibit oneness that they must support the ecosystem they live.

Narendra Modi or BJP alone can’t develop India as a great country. Every Indian must join, dedicate and participate in building New India, as envisaged by PM Modi. People barring all their personal preferences and practices must pledge their unconditional support to Narendra Modi to make this land great. While supporting and promoting diversity and plurality, still Indians can remain Indian.

Rejuvenated patriotism, nationalism and one India and promoting the living culture called Hinduism all can only support the diversity and plurality and cannot stop them from existence.


Let us support PM Modi and embrace the spirit of one India, connect to the umbilical cord of India called Hinduism and build New India. Let us support honest and transparent government of Modi, development and sab ka vikas.

S Ranganathan

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