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Battle is won, the war is still remaining – the new ‘hero’ of the ‘left liberals’

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There was an absolute silence in the ‘left liberal’ ecosystem after the 23rd May results of the General elections. Some of them were brooding, some were busy abusing the Indian public, some went into complete silence while a select few were honestly trying to understand the reason behind the opposition debacle in 2019 general elections.

However, as has been the case with the self-acclaimed ‘liberals’ all over the world, the sane voices have been sidelined once again and the only conclusion that has been reached while discussing this debacle among them was that the Indian people were fooled and were blinded by the hate that was spread by the communal, saffron forces in last 5 years.

So basically nothing is going to change and it will be same politics, same fake narrative as before; just that some of the faces might change. Like it happened in the run up to 2019 elections, faces were changing as quickly as that of celebrities’ outfits with ranging from Kanhaiya Kumar, Shehla Rashid, Jignesh Mevani, Hardik Patel, Alpesh Thakor, Siddharamaiah, Arun Shourie, Shatrughan Sinha, Kirti Azad, Raj Thackrey, Udit Raj and so so many others that it is not humanly possible to keep track of each and every one of them.

Ideology and personal principles amounted to little for the ‘Left Liberal’ ecosystem while hailing someone as long as s/he was opposing Narendra Modi. The more the decibel level, the bigger the hero. Content of their argument was immaterial as after defending the likes of Rahul Gandhi for so many years, they have become the expert in presenting any illogical, irrelevant, misinformed, fake argument into a refined, earthquake-esque like argument that shows the mirror to those in power.

After having all their ‘heroes’ being rejected vehemently by the Indian public, there was a relative lull in the last month or so. However, the ecosystem is back in business with a bang now after having found its new ‘voice’ of ‘reason and truth’ in the form of Mahua Moitra. With her high decibel voice, poetic references, impeccable English that can give competition to Shashi Tharoor and calling Narendra Modi a ‘fascist’; she became an instant darling of the ‘left liberal’ ecosystem.

It hardly mattered that she was representing a party which has killed over 200 BJP workers in less than 2 years, some of them so brutally that even the most stone hearted would get a tear or two in their eyes; a party which threatened and intimidated a large number of voters to either not to vote or to vote only in their favor; a party which threw people in jail for sharing a meme; a party whose own ‘supreme leader’ accepted the fact that her party members were taking ‘cuts and bribes’ for providing essential government services to the poor and needy. I can go on and on and on but you get the point.

However, this background and reality does not matter to the ‘Left Liberals’ as long as you are speaking against Hindutva and Narendra Modi. This was made amply clear umpteen number of times in the last 5 years with the last glaring example of hailing Raj Thackrey who himself was the face of extreme Hindu Right till just a few years back. Similarly, the content of her speech also does not matter as long as the keywords were used like “fascism”, “lynching”, “hate crime”, “Constitution under threat”, “toxic Nationalism”, etc etc.

But since we have been hard wired to not judge a book by its cover and listen to the arguments or points being made before making up our mind, let’s get into some depth regarding the content of her speech.

After doing a lip-service about the huge mandate that the BJP/NDA managed to get, she went on to give a twisted logic to declare that the “House belongs to the opposition”. It does not matter that the house is made up of representatives chosen by the citizens and they overwhelmingly rejected the opposition candidates but the house still belongs to them!

She then quoted Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar to teach everyone about Pluralistic society while decrying that the ‘constitution is under threat’. She forgot to quote Ambedkar’s views on multiple other issues including Islamic fundamentalism, illegal immigration, partition, etc. but she successfully equated pluralism of India with Muslims, the narrative which has been woven since decades by this ecosystem. Irony died a million deaths when she used the colonial euphemism to describe ‘New India’ while speaking in Oxford English!

She then went on to list out 7 early signs of ‘fascism’ which included the usual rants related to Nationalism tearing social fabric, slogans and symbols to show allegiance, 10-fold increase in hate crimes without giving any reference points (may be she included the data from Bengal political killings which are also nothing but hate crimes), lynchings of minority people, media houses being controlled, fake news being circulated, etc, etc. She gave an example of what Congress leader said earlier but put the onus on the government for his statement! Sometimes, I feel like tearing my hair rather than writing about these morons!

What symbols and slogans are being termed toxic? “Bharat Mata ki Jai”, “Vande Matram”, National Anthem, Indian tricolor? Which one? Are people being forced to shout religious slogans like “Jai Shree Ram” or “Joy Ma Kali” or “Allah hu Akbar” or any other in the name of Nationalism? Its difficult to understand how does a pseudo ‘liberal’ mind works. Forget that most of the hate crimes have been proved fake or false, forget that the hate crimes committed against the Hindus are not even considered hate crimes, but the propaganda must continue.

She said that 50 year old citizens are being asked to prove their citizenship, one community is being targeted in the name of NRC. Does she has any basic understanding of NRC and Citizenship Amendment Bill? I seriously doubt that. Obviously people are being asked to prove their citizenship as the cut-off date has been set to 1971, almost 50 years back, because it has been the demand of the local population since the partition, because insurgency ran through those areas demanding to protect local interests, because you do not become a citizen just because you have been living in a country for 50-60 years. Wasn’t her own ‘Supreme leader’ threw the documents at the Loksabha speaker and staged a walkout while talking about illegal immigrants in Bengal?

Citizenship Amendment Bill is a special bill to grant citizenship to those who have been executed due to their faiths in the neighboring countries and the cut off date has been set to 2014. It includes all the faiths which form minorities in our neighboring countries. If she wishes to see only Muslims as minorities everywhere then nothing much can be done about her falsehood beliefs and misconceptions.

She talked about EC transferring officials but she forgot to mention that Bengal was the only state which saw such mass level electoral violence and active participation of state officials in the electoral process to favor the ruling state government rather than upholding the very same constitutional values that she kept harping about. She also mentioned ‘Liberal Education’ funding being cut. I am not aware of any special segment of education which is called ‘Liberal Education’ in India. With funding, scholarships being increased in general for education, she should share the details of this ‘Liberal Education’ funding cut that she is talking about.

My biggest qualm with her came when she said “Over Emphasis on National Security” and “Imagined enemies are being created”. Is Terrorism an imagined threat? Is Pakistan a new enemy? Has India not seen 1000s of terror attacks in last 3 decades? Has India not fought 4 wars with Pakistan already in its small 70 year history? Are we not losing Army Jawans everyday in Kashmir fighting these ‘Imagined enemies’? To what extent these people are willing to go to not see the truth that is there in front of their eyes!? Pakistan and its backed terrorists are shouting “Ghazwa-e-Hind” and war against “Cow Piss drinkers” at the top of their voices but these people are busy telling the Indian citizens that this is all imaginary, that there is nothing to be worried about?

If left to these people, they will sell off their own citizens just to be in power like they did all these years. They are the epitome of hypocrisy and shamelessness. Those who had thought that the war was won in 2019 must re-assess their opinions in the wake of what happened in last few days inside and outside the Parliament and remember that 2019 was just a battle, the war is still raging. If we choose to let our guards down like we did many a times in history, we would have no one but ourselves to blame.

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