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See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.

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A teaching of Mahatma Gandhi which seems to be all but forgotten in today’s time and phase. However, true to the heritage, Congress party seems to be the only political party which still carries the flag of the ‘Gandhi’ legacy as well as his teachings to heart.

Congress of today is still a true follower of ‘Gandhi(s)’, although the current lot carrying the ‘Gandhi’ title bear no resemblance or relation to the original one. That does not deter Congress in applying the preachings of the original Gandhi to the current namesakes.

See No Evil : Involvement of a Gandhi dynast in evil is well documented. Right from Nehru, the Chinese compatriot- Indira, the emergency queen – Sanjay, the vasectomy specialist – Rajiv, the Bhopal/Sikh/Srilanka massacre architect – Sonia, queen bee of corruption – Priyanka, land mafia to Rahul, blackop(erative) specialist. The Gandhi dynasty has indulged in all kinds of evil, however true to their belief, Congress party cadre has essentially always turned a blind eye to any and all act of evil from the Gandhi’s.

Speak No Evil : Even if someone incites you to speak up about the evil deeds of the Gandhis, make sure you put up bravado in countering them with false narratives. No Congressi will speak about the Evils, no matter what.

Hear No Evil : Turn deaf whenever someone speaks to you about the Evils of the Gandhis. If required, dont just act deaf, but act like a brainless psychopath with no sense or sensibilities. However, come what may, do not listen to any rhyme or reason which tries validating the evils of the Gandhis.

Even Mahatma Gandhi might not have imagined that his preaching will survive the test of times as well as they did in the Congress party. However, Has it lost its relevance in today’s world? Or are we interpreting the same correctly?

The need of the hour is to See Evil, To Speak about Evil and to Hear About Evil. We can no longer afford to ignore Evil deeds being performed around us. We need act against it, we need to raise our voice, spread the word about the deed as far as possible and ensure it gets punished so that no one ever dares conducting a ghastly act again.

In hindsight, maybe the great Mahatma could have added another phrase to his preaching : Do no Evil. This diktat could have helped Congressis stay clear of the all too apparent downward spiral – political as well as moral – that they find themselves into.

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