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Indira Gandhi

Prime Ministers of India: A journey of leadership and achievement

From nation building to economic reforms, from technological advancements to foreign policy achievements, each leader has left a distinctive mark on India's history.

Do dynasties have credibility to question Savarkar’s patriotic valor?

All the opposition parties are united to save their undemocratic dynasty politics, and want rationalization of corruption as integral part of Indian politics supporting Rahul Gandhi’s diatribe against Veer Savarkar, the ruling BJP reveres.

An open letter to the Iron lady of India

The people of this country may regard to you as the 'Iron Lady of India', but pardon me, I would never. I wonder are you really eligible for such a dignified and respectable title?

Fight against corruption and political martyrdom

People want a government in New Delhi who has a ‘clean image’ and ‘strong leadership/governance skills’, and subsequently the same be simulated in state capitals.

From the Tashkent Files to now the Kashmir Files, is it time to question the Kashmiri Pandit Nehru “Iron Lady”? Or more aptly the...

Iron Lady, has lost her luster, from scandals, corruption, fear of appearing "authoritarian" and in reality is the "Ironic Lady."

Election, Dynasty Politics and Democracy in India

In a democratic system of governance, election and democracy are complementary to each other. An election is an integral part of democracy.

Rejoinder to Chatham House column “Democracy in India”

This rejoinder tries to expose the biased analysis about “Democracy in India” by author Dr. Price who writes for London based eminent Think Tank Chatham House, otherwise known as Royal Institute of International Affairs.

Pegasus snoopgate: Who is holy or evil?

Snooping were there, are there and will be there to stay as a weapon in the hands of government/s.

India, through the ages and beyond

The Idea of India, is a nuanced structure composed of often opposing and complementing tendencies, coupled with persistent attempts to emphasise fraternity.

पत्रकार राजकुमार केसवानी का निधन: वो पत्रकार जिसकी बात तब सरकार मानती तो नहीं होती भोपाल गैस त्रासदी

केसवानी की रिपोर्टें वहां के आलाकमानों को पसंद नहीं आ रही थीं। सो नौकरी से हाथ धो बैठे। मगर जो मौत का साया कंपनी से निकलने वाले वेस्ट और वहां के कामगारों को आने वाले कल में चिताओं पर लेटे देख चुका हो, वह चुप कैसे बैठ सकता था।

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