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An open letter to the Iron lady of India

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 Dear Indira Dadi,

The people of this country may regard to you as the ‘Iron Lady of India’, but pardon me, I would never. I wonder are you really eligible for such a dignified and respectable title? Frankly, I don’t think so. Well, did you really want to serve the nation till your last breath, as you said? Forgive me, but I don’t agree. Press censorship, forced sterilization, suspension of fundamental rights, huge economic losses, and controversies.

Don’t these all define your term as the Prime Minister? Doesn’t it sounds crazy that you were the first ever PM to be cross-examined at the court? Didn’t you feel embarrassed when the Supreme Court took away your rights as an MP and even prohibited you against using your voting rights? Didn’t you feel ashamed when the whole nation was demanding your resignation, and you so haphazardly declared an emergency, just because you didn’t have the guts to face them?

Didn’t you feel ashamed when you banned organizations like the RSS as you were afraid of the consequences of their rebellious movements? Didn’t guilt haunt you when citizens were killed for opposing the brutal emergency that you declared? How on earth didn’t you pity on the people who believed in you and voted for you? Sorry to say, but India was very unfortunate to have you as its Prime Minister.

-One of your youngest critics❤️

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