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Opposition campaign in disarray

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Modi led BJP appears to be heading for another term.

The Opposition and their Congress Pliant Media is looking at another meltdown albeit far more severe than 2014. Pliant NewsTraders of the Congress party, the most visible of the Congi ecosystem, is staring at a very long summer. Hope you didn’t miss their frustration when PriyankaGV backed-off from her much hyped fight from Varanasi.

Blinded by pathological hatred towards Modi – Opposition and their ecosystem is devoid of any real issues to counter Modi. The opposition and their campaign appears thoroughly dis-organised. Contrast this, with meticulously planned, well thought out and calibrated campaign of the BJP. Visit a Modi rally and a RaGa rally in your city or nearby to know what I mean when I say – Organisation Skills Matter.

Mamata is fighting Congress and CPM in Bengal. CPM is fighting Congress in Kerala. Congress in turn is fighting SP-BSP in UP as proverbial “Votekatwa”, by Priyanka’s own admission. With a heavy heart though, Kejriwal is being forced to fight Congress by the Congress itself, again by Kejri’s own admission. Thankfully, voters are no fools anymore in this day and age of Social Media. You can’t fool all the people all the time.

PriyankaGV proved a bigger dolt than her legendary dolt brother when she revealed that Congress is fighting UP just to cut BJP votes – such is her seriousness when fighting Gladiators like Modi-Shah. Priyanka propping her candidature from Varanasi then chickening out after Modi’s massive roadshow in Varanasi, must have delivered a massive blow to Congress worker’s enthusiasm.

Congi slogans like ChowkidarChorHai only echos in their hollow EchoChambers and their Pliant Media outlets like TheHindu, NDTV & Wire etc push this without realising that it doesn’t resonate with the masses. RahulG’s subsequent apology to SupremeCourt on the issue of ChowkidarChorHai dented his credibility further, if he had any in the first place.

Brother-Sister duo are living completely cut-off from the ground reality if they think that such flip-flops fetch votes anymore.

Pulwama, if done at Congress’s friends in Pak to help Congis (as requested by ManiAyier) to build a weak PM narrative, terribly backfired on them. In fact, it did the most damage to opposition campaign.

So devoid of any constructive criticism against individual Ministries – As if there are no ministers and no shortcoming in any ministry. No leader from opposition citing any ministerial or policy level issue where the minister can be critiqued. There is a glaring lapse on part of the opposition to do any research for some serious critique. This is precisely what strategist Modi wanted and this is exactly what the opposition is delivering him in a platter.

Why can’t the opposition evaluate Ravi Shankar Prasad or Prakash Javedekar at least to start with, so as to evaluate what worthwhile they achieved in Telecom or HRD in these 5-yrs?

Though there were some outstanding ministers like Piyush Goel, Nitin Gadkari, Manohar Parrikar, Giriraj Singh etc who transformed their respective ministries.

But Opposition would have to do some research to pin point individual ministers and spread their attack on multiple fronts – they however, are keeping their focus solely on Modi and that’s precisely how Modi wanted it all along.

Modi will decimate them like never before.

Look at the way Modi has raided Congress Strongmen like Kamal Nath and Chidu in the last days of his govt or raided Kani, sister of another Strongman from South – Do you think a person not sure of his 2nd term would do this? Knowing the hounding he got for 13-14 years. Do you think Modi-Shah would take panga with Congress Lobbyists like Talwar and Michel if they were unsure of their 2nd term?

Do you think Shah would have forgot his days in Jail? Having tasted it first-hand, don’t they know how vengeful Sonia and her ecosystem can be?

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