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Home Politics Is Punjab swaying with Congress wave?

Is Punjab swaying with Congress wave?

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Contesting an election as a party candidate from the allotted constituency has everything a clever politician dreams of. The political parties demonstrate swiftness in giving the ticket to the actors as they carry a large number of fan-following. The crowd easily gathers in their public meeting. In view of such condition, the film actors do not hesitate in fighting the general elections.

Years ago, Amitabh Bachchan fought an election against Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna in Allahabad. His procession was never short of people while Bahuguna, a veteran politician, did not carry that much huge crowd as was seen with the famous actor in those days. At one time he was seen with a very scant people and a BBC correspondent in Kalyani Devi locality there.

Although the politicians take politics very seriously yet they also know how to gain victory on a seat by fielding an actor. This was the reason behind the entry of actors in the country’s politics. Therefore, everything is possible in the election. ‘Politics is serious business and not-pass activity,’ said the Punjab Congress president. While Jaya Prada in Rampur constituency thinks politics is different, and an election is fought with the mind, not with the soft, tender feeling. Both views can’t be wholly contradicted.


What Raj Kumar Chhabewal, the Congress party’s candidate from Hoshiarpur, was reiterating could turn aside also. He was saying that there was ‘Congress Cyclone’ in Punjab. The Bhartiya Janata Party has fielded Dharmendra’s elder son Sunny Deol from Gurudaspur.  Chabberwal appeared to be saying very confidently that the BJP could either field Sunny Deol or Sunny Leone; none could restrict the Congress wave in Punjab, referring to the party’s candidate Sunil Jakhar against Sunny Deol. There was the least chance of defeating the Congress candidate. How can a newcomer defeat a sitting lawmaker?

The Congress party also believes that Sunny Deol’s has no detailed knowledge about the constituency and its voters’ issues. The BJP candidate, as he, time after time, stated that he was only uttering dialogues from his movies. Could he be deadly sure of his specified views in regard to the likely failure of Sunny Deol in that famed constituency, if he was able to rightly define what precise politics means in the prime place?

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