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In corruption and scam, ‘AS IS THE FATHER SO IS THE SON’ the Naamdaar dynast, save India, elect Modi

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The dynast naamdaar before he rants hatred in public, spit negativity and lies about Narendra Modi the most honest leader in India, must learn a little about the history of his father and should not let Narendra Modi to unbundle Bofors scam associated with Rajiv Gandhi and his Italian baggage.

The Bofors scam was well catapult by VP Singh and the Bofors scam was the beginning of the down fall of congress party. The congress party was reduced from 400 plus MP’s to below 200 seats in the aftermath of Bofors scam.

Rajiv Gandhi in fact died, with the allegations of Bofors scam. The dynast was in fact born with the baggage of Bofors scam and several news reports have shown the Italian family was the real culprit, used Rajiv Gandhi’s power to amass ill-gotten wealth.

The history is still fresh in public memory which the Naamdaar dynast must learn. We cannot blame the dynast because he doesn’t know anything, doesn’t learn or understand or verify anything before he rants in public. He has sufficiently proved that he is not only unreliable but also will make India, congress Mukt. The dynast is behaving like the elder brother of Arvind Kejriwal of AAP. 

Kejriwal was quite famous for behaving like a fully alcohol intoxicated person or a person suffering from honey bee sting and ulcerated piles. Like Kejriwal, all that the dynast knows is to abuse, make vague speeches, make hollow promises and feel proud at the end as if the dynast has won Nobel Prize.

More than Bofors scam of his father, his own scams like National Herald where he is on bail, Backops role in routing offset contracts of earlier defence deal etc., have proved him that the dynast is the perfect chip of the old block or in other words, as is the father, so is the son. When the dynast vomits hatred and negativity against Modi, Modi was duty bound to remind the Naamdaar dynast about his tradition and family history and the title his father had to carry even after his assassination, due to the Italian baggage.

After Narendra Modi’s speech reminding the dynast about his father and his title chor and Bofors scam, several first generation voters google searched many facts out about the naamdaar dynast and his corrupt tradition. Many first time voters got shocked by the scams associated with his family and couldn’t believe how the congress party can buttresses such corrupt dynasty and coronate such unwise dynast to lead the party and can afford to gift the dynast to India as the Prime Minister candidate of congress party.

None of the regional parties except DMK and AAP was willing to align with the dynast, although some parties were in favour of aligning with congress in the beginning but later changed their mind after seeing the political maturity, indecent culture and behaviour of the dynast. All those regional parties quickly realized that aligning with congress may profit them a bit but the dynast would prove disastrous even to the core vote bank of several regional parties.

Although congress party is tutoring the dynast continuously to what he should speak and what he should not but the congress party is yet to realize the truth that the dynast is just a parrot or a copy-cat and knows to speak only what is tutored.  Once the information reserve is exhausted, he would utter nonsense and entertaining stuff.

The dynast and his mother, both are on bail, his Backops in UK has come under scanner for routing several defence deal kickbacks, his citizenship is under doubt, he himself is doubtful of winning from Amethi and that is why has decided to contest also from Wayanad in Kerala, his sister’s husband is facing several corruption charges and who is also on bail, his father died with the deep scar mark of Bofors scam due to his Italian baggage. All these historical facts, the first time voters have tracked from google search after the remark of Modi, thanks to Modi. 

Many first generation voters are thankful to Modi for inspiring them also to learn about the scam tradition and history of the dynast.

Several times, the dynast had called Modi chor but only once Modi shot back about his tradition; millions of people have responded positively to Modi and have traced out the entire scam records of the dynast.

People follow, respect and support Modi wholeheartedly because Modi is very honest, decisive, committed and hardworking Prime Minister, who has developed India, ensured sab ka vikas, ensured national security and brought several reforms to reduce corruption.

The 5 years of Modi’s governance was one of the best governments in the world history where there was no scam, no corruption, no discrimination, no bias, no undue interference, maximum governance, fully focused on development, sab ka vikas and national security.

People of India must redeem their responsibility to India and must elect Modi to save the nation from the corrupt dynast naamdaar and his syndicates of many corrupt regional parties. India needs a stable government, decisive Prime Minister and development.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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