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Rajiv Gandhi

Fight against corruption and political martyrdom

People want a government in New Delhi who has a ‘clean image’ and ‘strong leadership/governance skills’, and subsequently the same be simulated in state capitals.

Perarivalan: the 19 year old battery supplier that triggered the explosion that killed Rajiv Gandhi

About 34 years ago, the then PM of India, Shri Rajiv Gandhi, ordered Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) to wade into the Sri Lankan civil war.

Rejoinder to Chatham House column “Democracy in India”

This rejoinder tries to expose the biased analysis about “Democracy in India” by author Dr. Price who writes for London based eminent Think Tank Chatham House, otherwise known as Royal Institute of International Affairs.

Pegasus snoopgate: Who is holy or evil?

Snooping were there, are there and will be there to stay as a weapon in the hands of government/s.

पत्रकार राजकुमार केसवानी का निधन: वो पत्रकार जिसकी बात तब सरकार मानती तो नहीं होती भोपाल गैस त्रासदी

केसवानी की रिपोर्टें वहां के आलाकमानों को पसंद नहीं आ रही थीं। सो नौकरी से हाथ धो बैठे। मगर जो मौत का साया कंपनी से निकलने वाले वेस्ट और वहां के कामगारों को आने वाले कल में चिताओं पर लेटे देख चुका हो, वह चुप कैसे बैठ सकता था।

Hypocrisy of Indian civil society and their Western sponsors: A rejoinder

Shashi Tharoor and his lame allegation on PM Modi, once again torn apart!

Journey of education policies in India from independence to new education policy 2020

NEP-2020 will revolutionize the Indian education system. Now our education system has shifted its focus towards producing employers rather than employees.

Manmohan Singh: the superhero who wasn’t

IMF dictated India's economy and FM- MMS was just a puppet in the hands of IMF. Interestingly, a lot many conditionalities related to IMF loan was not disclosed to the public.

Why Sharad Pawar supported Modi, slammed Rahul Gandhi on China

He is trying to recreate The old Third Front in a new avatar and defeat Narendra Modi in 2024.

राजीव गाँधी को मोबाईल क्रांति का जनक कहना ठीक नहीं

एक दशक के बाद आये इस मामूली बदलाव को क्रांति का दर्जा देना ठीक होगा? और फिर ये कहना कि राजीव गाँधी 'डिजिटल दूत' थे?

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