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How much more can we suffer this entitled prince?

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Advocate, cricketer and book reader!

The much publicised interview by the entitled Prince of India/UK/Italy to India Today finally happened. While there was his usual rhetoric about NYAY and how he is going to be the saviour of the masses with his self proclaimed entitlement he made one significant statement, which reveals the true nature of the man.

During the course of the RaGa fawning interview, the interviewer asks him a very simple soft ball question and RaGa being RaGa had to come out all guns blazing. When he is asked about the secret of his fitness, he answers by saying he runs 5 kms a day and goes on about persistence and everything. This is the moment he slips up and reveals his true nature. While trying to cite an example of his persistence he talks about the Incorruptible Modi and how he is going to rip his image to shreds.

Here is a man who is openly saying that he will rip someone’s character to shreds even though that said someone is known to be incorruptible! That is what entitlement gives I suppose. I mean you cant expect the entitled prince to understand the pain it takes to walk the life of being incorruptible in a corrupt system as he had everything served for him in a silver plate. I mean his family is a synonym for corruption.

So he felt it was ok to spray the ink of corruption on a person just for the sake of it. No justification required. I mean he said it himself. He persisted with it and the media fueled it. Although i doubt he succeeded in it, he still had the media waiting to lap up his next load of lies.

So how does one tell the entitled prince that just because he and his family have been corrupt and abused their power in every conceivable way including intimidating constitutional bodies, not everyone wants to live like them?

How does one make an entitled prince understand that unlike him or his family, who have used the constitutional institutions as their own personal fiefdoms doling out a favor here and there, the man he is trying to portray as the destroyer of democracy and its institutions, is actually the protector, who bowed to their powers even when he was a CM of Gujarat, when he was interrogated for more than 16 hours and yet he did not say a word against these constitutional bodies?

How does one make the entitled prince understand that India has had enough of these Prince and Princesses and that democracy is no place for them?

The first step lies in calling out these lies whenever he lies. But then the Pliant media hardly does that, but the power of social media is different and is far reaching. Make people aware of this entitled prince, who doesn’t mind dragging anyone’s name through mud as long as it serves his political agenda.

Lets call out their lies on the army, surgical strikes, development. Lets make them hear the voice of a nation fed up with these entitled prince and princesses and ensure that their cacophony is drowned in the voice of a United India which believes in progress and wants to root out corruption! Lets say enough!

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Advocate, cricketer and book reader!
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