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Dynastic politics, Khan market gangs and punkah coolies would break India – save India, elect BJP

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Every Indian has great responsibility today to save India from the corrupt dynasty politics, khan market gangs and punkah coolies of certain dynastic political parties and all of them have only one job that is to attack Modi and his corruption free governance.

For the above gang, India should not develop, corruption should prevail, sab ka vikas should not happen, nepotism and dynastic politics should not wane out, religious harmony should not exist, the agenda of progress and national security should not win but all they want is dynastic politics and politics of minority appeasement and loot. For these Dalaals (दलाल) of destructions and negativity, abusing Hindus and appeasing minority is only known and that is how they promote secularism in India. In fact by whipping Hindus and engaging in minority appeasement politics, they are dividing the country and several Hindus have started to fear the fate of India from this gang.


The religious animosity is being fuelled fully by the above gang but conveniently they blame Modi for such division. Modi and BJP firmly believe in sab ka vikas and development of the nation. Patriotism, guarding the national identity, ensuring national security, sab ka vikas and unification of India under Hinduism- the cultural and heritage identity of India are the objectives of Modi. Whether someone follow Hinduism or not and practice Islam or Christianity or Buddhism or other religion for that matter, all of them were Hindus once up on a time and even today they follow several traditions of Hinduism despite practicing other religion. So the attempt to connect all people of different religious faiths in India with one umbilical cord called Hinduism is not communal or anti-secular idea or vision. This truth all the people of India must recognise and understand correctly.

It is like how different flowers are tied together with a thread to make a garland, BJP and RSS wants to use the cultural identity of India – the Hinduism to unite people of India even if they follow different faiths and religions. What BJP and Modi propose and practice is true secularism and not appeasing minority or causing fear among them against Hindus. India can grow strong only when everyone in India develop and prosper therefore the feeling of Indian is more important for the country than own religious faiths. Hinduism is not a religion but is the cultural and philosophical identity of India.

India is secular purely because of Hindus and Hinduism. Most of the countries like US, UK etc., although follow secularism but are known as Christian states but our founding fathers unknowingly has done a great error to India by dooming down the Hindu identity to our nation in order to portray the nation as secular. India can remain secular and can live with diversity by being a Hindu Rashtra. The above historic mistake of our founding fathers has to be corrected. India can remain secular by being a Hindu Rastra and that must be shown to the world by people of other religious faiths joining the mission of Modi. Hinduism is not religion but it is a great living and practicing philosophy, an apostle of peace and harmony, way of life with materialistic fulfillment with deep roots in spirituality, a heritage of universal brotherhood, tolerance and differences. Modi and BJP strictly follow the culture of merit, tolerance and universal brotherhood and that is why BJP always oppose the divisive minority appeasement politics of the dynast and other Tukde Tukde gangs.

If Modi comes back to power with absolute majority, India shall become a super power in several frontiers. The fear of the dynastic parties is that such India may not support the happy life of dynastic politics, khan market gangs, punkah coolies and syndicate of scamsters. Merit alone shall count and not nepotism or corruption.

India must be saved from the above gang and India must be developed. Modi alone can offer stability, durability, development, corruption free governance, governance free of nepotism and dynastic politics, sab ka vikas and national security. People should chant, promote and spread the message of elect Modi and save India because everyone has great responsibility to save India from the corrupt, dynast-naamdaar politicians.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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