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Congress to use AI powered Virtual Rahul Gandi to give Interview to the media houses

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Recently there was a buzz in social Media after the announcement of the Interview of out on bail Congress president Rahul Gandhi to a leading Media House. It was observed that the BJP supporters were thrilled with this news and all the BJP IT cell members were told to make sure the bytes of the interview were shared on all the social media platforms as they believed this Interview alone can help the BJP to win with full majority as in 2014 Rahul Gandhi and Arnab Goswami did. While the BJP supporters were anxiously waiting for the Interview the Congress supports were nervous as they were aware how Rahul Gandhi interview could end up helping the BJP.

But the promised Interview was never released, instead a text interview was published on the news portal. As per our sources in the media, the interview was such a big disaster that Rahul Gandhi pleaded with folded hands to the media house to not to publish the interview and the media house had to scrap the whole interview. The media house even deleted the tweets wherein they announced the interview as mega explosive and most in-depth interview, but the BJP supporters were quick to take the screenshot of the same.

The news of the missing interview spread rapidly in the social media and the BJP supporters were quick enough in trolling the congress over it. The congress being concerned about the image of its out on bail party president Rahul Gandhi decided to use the technology to overcome this embarrassment.

Last year, china came up with this idea of AI-Powered Virtual News Anchor. The AI news anchor can simulate a number of human-like traits for e.g. tweak its voice, facial movements and gestures to present a life-like image of a human presenter. Taking a cue from this the congress decided to get an AI powered Virtual Rahul Gandhi. The contract has been awarded to Bogou, the search engine and AI giant from China and the company has promised to deliver the AI powered Virtual Rahul Gandhi before the next phase of polling.

The congress is happy over its decision and confident that the new AI powered Virtual Rahul Gandhi can answers the interview questions with out fumbling thus saving the party from the Big Embarrassment. The party also requested the AI giant Bogou to add some additional features like, it should say “चौकीदार चोर है” after every line it completes and conclude all his statements with “ नरेंद्र मोदी ने अनिल अम्बानी को 30000 करोड़ दिए ”. With the AI Virtual Rahul Gandhi in Place congress has  now accepted the dare given by Narendra Modi of saying “Vishveshwarya” 5 times. After the success of the interview the congress party plans to do all the rallies for the remaining phases using the AI powered virtual AI while congress president parties in Thailand.

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