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2019 elections remain bizarre

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Everything in this round of general elections remains strange. When the exit polls trends started circulating in the media, there were criticisms. As not all the people were wholly agreed with the poll’s results going in the NDA’s favor in such a way. However, after the results started surfacing it has been absolutely confirmed that the electronic voting machine meant for every vote Modi.

The EVM has now been defined something in a new approved way as the results testified it. The saffron dominates over every other color in the rainbow on the political horizon. Just as the field where saffron is cultivated brings tears to one’s eyes, so as the results in favor of the saffron party has brought tears to opposition parties’ every politician.

Unflinching confidence in Narendra Modi was one factor while the Hindu card also played big wonders in the elections. This can’t be negated at all. If that not so how has the Congress president Rahul Gandhi registered a big victory in Kerala? He secured votes of the majority communities too. This was clear from the views expressed by the party’s senior leader Ramesh Chennithala. The Congress party’s moderate stand was supported by the Hindus.

Despite BJP’s fight for Sabarimala issue, it did not fetch Hindu votes as Chennitala pointed out adding that this alienation earned the support of the minority and the majority people alike. Victories by firebrand Hindu leaders in different states show a role of Hindu card in the elections.

As a result that caused his win by a mammoth margin of 4,31,195 Lakh votes. Not only has that significant eminence, but this record victory also erased the year 2014 record of E Ahmad of Indian Union Muslim League. The Congress failed to clear the blot of Muslim party in Hindi heartland and its leaders had to lick defeats. Even Rahul Gandhi could not escape in his traditional bastion Amethi. He was defeated by none other than the candidate whom he had once defeated in the year 2014 parliamentary elections.

Rahul Gandhi’s physical presence was presumed to be more appealing at Wayanad in Kerala. But how has he at one constituency energized the party devoted workers across? His victory margin was quite big in Kerala and failed to bring just the same tempo in Uttar Pradesh. When would he be able to prove himself up to the towering stature of great-grandfather and grandmother? The BJP leader Narendra Modi has obviously equaled their record in this episode of general elections.

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