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Why ‘The Tashkent Files’ is a must watch

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With an aim of revival of Rural Economy, I am working in tribal Jhabua. Education, environment and youths are my concerns. Looking forward to devote my life for regaining the sustainable living of Sanathan Dharma.

Well, when the Tashkent Files movie started rolling on the big screen, my backhand mind was trying to connect the ‘mockings’, and adjectives like ‘junk’ uttered with sheer arrogance and biases in leading media bodies like Hindustan Times, Indian Express and NDTV (of course).

When you watch the movie you’ll know why. And you’ll question about their allegiance with Congress and nation. For a citizen who has not yet been mind washed by left crafted narratives, and is able to question the hypocrisy would find not one but multiple reasons to watch The Tashkent Files.

The Tashkent Files is an honest attempt at bringing all the original texts and written content, or any kind of evidence possible which we were never informed about. All the evidence which pointed towards that dynasty which has mercilessly ruled the country. Among many original sources that the movie has shown, the most horrifying is ‘Mitrokhin archives’ which in the plain text tells that Congress and the then PM Gandhi put the country on sale.

Mitrokhin Archives-II

Clearly, the motives of Vivek Agnihotri is not only to question the pre and post situations build up of our 2nd PM’s death. Through different characters he also makes us wonder what history we have been reading. And written by whom. After independence, Congress left every literature in the textbooks at the disposal of leftists. The leftist who crafted narratives to make us oblivion about our real history about real facts. What we know now is a story made to suit the then rulers and left agenda made out of meticulously hand-picked versions of incidents, such that the story prevails and the truth is ignored. So today the children know ‘Great Mughals’ but not how many women they raped, how many temples they demolished, how many children and men were butchered by them. This is just one example. The Tashkent Files will horrify your imaginations about how much we have been misinformed and if all we know is nothing but strategically constructed mind frame.

The last para

Another persuasive reason to watch the movie is to understand how hypocrite our media bodies are. Whereas most of the media body slammed the movie for technicalities, none of them mentioned the evident research visible in the film. Some of the reviews called it a ‘dirty trick’. And this is appalling. If this film had used only rumours and floating narratives, one might have gone to one extreme and call it biased and ‘dirty trick’. But in the movie, every fact mentioned, every point made clearly shows existing documented texts-be it medical reports of Shashtriji or the claims of the spies, or even about how Congress and Indira Gandhi put the country on sale. It is hard to take down the throat that, our so responsive media on Rafale totally missed the points, which put Congress and Gandhi family under a dark shadow. (Imagine if a movie comes out with sources talking from international books which claims anything negative about Modi or RSS).

The Taskent Files more than a film is a metaphor which can be used for many similar incidents like Bose, Din Dayal Upadhyaya, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee etc. After watching the film, one can wonder what steps Nehru would have considered for subliming Bose, who was a fierce leader and far more capable than Nehru.

As just a movie, it could have been much better with more space to certain characters, better music, and better cinematography. It is important to mention here that unlike movies with left agenda, it would have taken a hard time for Agnihotri to gather ample resources. (learning how hard it was to bring his first creation Buddha in a Traffic Jam on the floor).

I wonder if we Indians had some genetic transformation in the 1000 year of foreign rule. Or have we become a slave by nature? Cause every other country threw away the mentioned corrupt leaders (in Mitrokhin Archives) and then here we’re! The one who put ‘Emergency’ on our country, who bled the Indian public with atrocities, the one who assassinated our constitution by inducting ‘socialist’ and ‘secular’, has ‘Statues’ everywhere in the county. Her dynast Rahul Gandhi has the audacity to ask for the votes from the same public. How much and what kind of brainwash we have been subjected to since years…that people are silent. While watching the ceremonial speech of Shri Hukmdev Narayan Yadav, when he was felicitated as ‘Utkrishta Sansad’, I felt how much Congress has damaged this great country of ours. The emotions and words of Shri Narayan make us feel how much such leaders have been denied representation and appropriate place. All just so that a family with a borrowed Gandhi surname could rule.

Modi is not second ‘Shastri’ but certainly only second to him who has the possibility of being at the chair for long. And that’s why the artificial unrest of words. (because for rest all…still, Congress is to blame.)

I urge all of you watch Tashkent Files, it may not be an excellent piece of the movie but certainly, a well researched hard work which Congress doesn’t want you to know, which a section of media doesn’t want you to know. Only as an informed citizen, we can open the vault of many such treacherous secrets and debuff the toxicity for more people like Vivek Agnihotri to come out. At the end kudos to Vivek for this movie, I can’t be in his shoes but imagine the risks and hardships he must have taken to bring this out, in the otherwise hollow film industry.

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With an aim of revival of Rural Economy, I am working in tribal Jhabua. Education, environment and youths are my concerns. Looking forward to devote my life for regaining the sustainable living of Sanathan Dharma.
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