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What it actually feels like to flay politicians

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  1. Bard of Avon William Shakespeare would never have thought that Menaka Gandhi, brimming with self-confidence in the world’s biggest democratic country, would describe the BSP Supremo Mayawati a merchant of tickets on the line of his penned drama ‘Merchant of Venice.’ The Union Minister & BJP candidate from Sultanpur Lok Sabha constituency did not stop here but proceeded to accuse her of selling party tickets for Rs 15-20 Crore each recently.
  2. If the Bahujan Samaj Party’s topmost leader was scorned for sale of the party tickets, there was no other political party in the country that can claim of its sincerity? The charge can be covered up only, it cannot be hidden altogether. The convenient thing was that the search for the right opportunity for a specific attack always stays in the politicians’ precocious minds.

The character of Lady Macbeth goaded her husband Macbeth to murder a Scottish King Duncan. Just as Shakespeare in his tragic drama ‘Macbeth’ described the heinous crime and said those dirty hands cannot even be washed in the vast Arabian Sea. The present-day politicians also cannot emerge honestly from their purely tainted character by taking a holy dip into the holy water of the Ganges.

When the elections come the politicians show much interest in using sharp remarks against other party’s leaders or candidates. They seem to forget at the same point of time about the problems and issues afflicting the common people. Whatever was happening in far-flung America during the presidential polls, we find a similar scenario appearing in our country during the general elections. No candidate is supposedly taking a deep interest in the five big problems existing at the constituency he or she contests the election in order to represent the people of that particular area. The Election Commission earmarks the electoral constituencies to help the elected representative develop the area. But how many efforts do they apply for the purpose after getting selected? They begin to act differently after voted to the parliament in the election.

It was really sad to say that Gandhian dream of making the villages completely self-reliant remained incomplete while Nehruvian dream of scientific and industrial development instilled an artificial attitude among us. We were fighting over the big gap created by these two conflicting notions. If the contesting candidates hasten to ponder over the genuine points, they would detract themselves from inflicting charges against one another.

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When will our politicians think of becoming the real benefactor of the troubled, frightened and poor people? It was obvious for the poor voters to run after the political party or politicians promising them novel ideas and things. However, their politics destroy the expectations leading them to find a new ray of hope in another leader’s pledges.

Modi had promised something large and promising and the feeble populace reposed complete faith and confidence in the year 2014. However, Rahul Gandhi leaps up now with clearer promises in the year 2019. The leaders have not changed. The people have started thinking of a new outlook. Let us see which way the camel sits!

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