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The nefarious agenda of NDTV and leftist media to make India weak state!

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NDTV, Congress supporter funded leftist media house, regularly host a one sided debates with panelist from JNU, Lutyen journalists/Congress sympathizers with anti-national agenda and their primary target is always to show how PM Narendra Modi is wrong on his views and facts in every election speeches be it internal security, economy, foreign policy or strengthening India’s deterrent power. Latest debate was on PM Narendra Modi’s views on Nuclear weapon which he said in one of his recent speech in Rajasthan.

PM Narendra Modi quotes as reported by ANI:

In the latest debate on NDTV by Nidhi Razdan with extremely one sided panel of anti BJP they continued with anti-national agenda with falsehood and fake narratives. Congress spokesperson – Aishwaraya Mahadev, former ambassador KC Singh who is anti BJP, Maya Mirchandani who was working with NDTV till recently and now working with various online portals including extreme left media house The wire, whose journalists regularly peddle fake news. Pawan Kumar Verma who represents JDU (NDA partner) stays away from taking any hardline when it comes to supporting BJP or PM Narendra Modi.

Finally, the anchor Nidhi Razdan and by default one should always include Nidhi as Congress supporter and anti BJP/Hindu as she is quick to jumps on the conclusion and blames Hindus/Gaurakshak on any scuffle/riot or incident in BJP ruled states and I have not seen one single debate on very serious remarks from Election Commission observer on West Bengal election process and havock created by TMC goons and Mamta Banerjee on common citizens.

To support BJP’s view NDTV invited Prof. Sanjeev Tiwari, some unknown political analyst. Now here is the interesting twist which NDTV does it regularly to drive its extreme left anti National agenda. They invite very low level BJP party functionaries or any supporter of BJP on the debates. Now since this people don’t know how to debate on live TV and most of the time they are not so affluent speaking English get nervous with one sided panel and this time it was four to one. In this debate all the four Congress supporters lied several times.

Here is the debate:

So as always instead of taking BJP’s view first as the speech was given by PM Narendra Modi, Nidhi starts with KC Singh who always takes anti BJP stand in any topic and he can lie brazenly and profoundly as he knows that nobody will counter him. In his allotted time he emphasized that Atal Bihari Vajpayee doctrine and stated that if India wants to be a member of a Nuclear Supplier group, it should start behaving responsibly instead of becoming likes North Korea or Pakistan.

Well Mr. KC Singh should see the views of British Prime Mister Theresa May who stated that “without hesitation that she would order a nuclear strike to kill hundreds of thousands of people if she thought it was necessary” She said this during the parliamentary debate in House of Common on 18 July 2016 and Mr KC Singh knows that UK is a part of NSG and if they can openly give a threat like this, why India cant state their position. In short being ex ambassador doesn’t mean he knows everything and his views globally accepted norms.

Nidhi Razdan with her anti-National agenda keeps repeating the same line as KC Singh to drive her agenda that India wants to be a part of NSG group how come PM can say this casually. Well she should also see the House of Common debate and reply by UK Prime Minster.

Now come to another Congress sympathizer her anti-National agenda, Maya Mirchandani. She also keeps repeating the same lie that leader of any responsible country will never make the statement like this despite internal political compulsion and why I as a global citizen should defend by war mongering Prime Minster. Well Maya Mirchandani should also stop talking lie as first of all she has never defended PM Narendra Modi views or any schemes in last five years as their stated position was always anti BJP while working with NDTV and also I have not seen any common British citizen defending their PM statement on Nuclear weapon which she claims. Its time, she should also come out of their Lutyen cocoon and should see the above debate.

When Prof. Sanjeev Tiwari countered Maya Mirchandani with facts, as expected Nidi Razdan stopped him to continue with her anti-national agenda of NDTV. She asked to Prof. Sanjeev when did Congress leaders said that “Army/Air force chiefs are goons”? Now that’s hypocrisy level is taken one step beyond Rahul Gandhi’s hypocrisy and falsehood narrative which I am sure he will be pleased to know on Nidhi support to Congress.

Sandeep Dixit- senior Congress leader unapologetically said that Army Chief General Bipin Rawat is Sadak ka goonda and recently Congress leader Veerappa Moily said that IAF chief Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa is a liar. Congress position on Army/Air force is open and when it comes to vote bank politics, their priorities are well known.

I don’t want to explain Congress spokesperson views as she went on to compare PM Narendra Modi with Kim Jong and so on. However Congress position which is quiet clear as recently many ex-army and air force veteran have said that after 26-11 Mumbai attack, it was UPA leadership which hold them back to take counter action on Pakistan and it was due to domestic vote back politics.

Even Leftist Congress Historian Ram Guha also jumped bandwagon to blame PM Modi  on war mongering should see the Theresa May’s reply on Nuclear war so he comes out of his limited views which is inspired from Nehru Gandhi dynasty.

What I want to emphasize that PM Narendra Modi views on Nuclear weapon was neither threat nor war mongering PM comparing to UK Prime Minister’s reply, however Lutyen journalists with their anti-national agenda have kept driving their agenda till now but now they should stop with anti-national agenda and fake narratives especially everything is available on social media.

Some of the PM Narendra Modi’s supporters exposed the falsehood and fake agenda of so called leftist liberals.

Joker @ram_guha, watch this video of Theresa May. She in British Parliament said she would press nuclear button, if required. Who made this joker historian:

NDTV is funded by Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Relaince Industries who recently supported Congress candidate Murli Deora.

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