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Putrefaction and political decomposition of AAP, better AAP merge with Congress

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Even some of the senior leaders of congress party from Tamil Nadu were reported to have warned the dynast that they would leave the congress party if seat for their son was not given. Many leaders in several states are liquidating congress and joining other parties on daily basis, but interestingly Aravind Kejriwal of AAP is so adamant and wants to align with congress party in Delhi.

DMK and APP are the only two political parties that have shown such great desperation to align with congress party. DMK may have some strong reasons to align with congress as it carries big bundle of scam allegations and to unwind all allegations, another partner who is equally corrupt is necessary and such party alone can sink and sail together with DMK.

If we analyse the genesis of AAP we can easily recognise the fact that over the last 4 years, AAP has done enough to ensure its political decomposition. AAP was started as an alternative force; a political force that came into existence, opposing corruption of the then congress government, converted the congress votes to itself and then made a massive victory. The greedy leader of AAP, Kejriwal started to commit one blunder after another to be in the limelight with the presumption that people would view him as an alternate force and the possible contender to Narendra Modi. The stupidity of Kejriwal prevented him from seeing the truth that PM Modi is an uncommon leader with incomparable character and quality, a leader rooted his philosophy in honesty, commitment, development, sab ka vikas, and national security. Kejriwal cannot match the iconic stature of PM Modi in this life time.

PM Modi is very humble but Kejriwal is so arrogant, PM Modi is generous but Kejriwal is greedy, PM Modi wants people to work and reform the nation but Kejriwal believes in blaming and public Dharnas, PM Modi believes in structural reforms but Kejriwal in making false allegations and malicious propaganda and then apologise to everyone to forgive him from defamation case.

AAP made congress worry a lot in the past as congress was the biggest loser of AAP’s growth in Delhi and in other parts of India. Congress lost most of its vote bank to AAP. But today the same AAP is gifting enormous happiness and celebration to congress party by begging and kneeling for an alliance with congress party.

The question people of Delhi are looking for an answer is why AAP wants to align with congress party instead, AAP merge with congress party. Merging with congress party would be the best option for AAP than aligning with congress party as both congress and AAP have lost political relevance in Indian politics. Once AAP merge with congress party, Kejriwal does not have to blame congress party or the dynast for not showing interest to align or any hard bargain over number of seats to be contested by each party.

Once AAP merge with congress party, certainly not only in Punjab and Haryana many, other states also the former AAP members can contest as congress candidates. Once Kejriwal’s term as Chief Minister of Delhi expires, he can join the club of the great dynast to spit lies, false allegations and negativity like the dynast and then can request for pardon when defamation case is filed.

No political party in Indian history has rose to glory and fallen from grace so fast like AAP. The forthcoming parliament election is god given opportunity to people of Delhi to elect PM Modi and remove congress and AAP from the political map of India.

There is a popular saying ‘beg, borrow or steal’ but win is the political ethos of AAP and congress party. They want power and nothing else. For power, anything both AAP and congress party are willing do. People of India must watch this political theatrics. What about governance, development, corruption and scam free administration, sab ka vikas, national security, all these things are only election season slogans for AAP and congress party.

Hope the wise Indians will defeat not only congress party but all those regional forces that are so divisive and destructive in nature.

The alliance partner of congress party in Tamil Nadu is DMK which is known for negative politics, politics of hatred, missionary of anti-God, anti-Hindu, anti-Brahmin propaganda. All the associates of congress party are largely engaged in negative politics and politics of hatred but the politics of PM Narendra Modi and BJP are development, sab ka vikas and national security. India needs a stable government, decisive Prime Minister- Modi and agenda of development, sab ka vikas and national security and not dynasty and corruption.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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