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People of India see no problem with the speech of Narendra Modi in Latur, Maharashtra

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The opposition parties are misinterpreting the speech of PM Narendra Modi in Latur, Maharashtra on Tuesday April 9, 2019.

If we impartially decode the statement of PM Modi, we will understand that what he urged to the first time voters is a truth meant to inspire them to vote and it was not a campaign for BJP.

PM Modi urged the first time voters that “I want to ask my first-time voters, can your first vote be dedicated to the soldiers who conducted the Balakot air strikes? Can your first vote be in the name of the martyrs who lost their lives in Pulwama?”

Although Narendra Modi is campaigning for BJP but he is the Prime Minister of India, as on today.  Therefore he has every responsibility to inspire the first time voters to cast their vote for national security, development and for the sacrifices made by our defence forces to save our country from terrorists and perpetuators.

PM Modi has never asked the people through the above statement to vote for BJP or do not vote for other parties.

Inspiring the first time voters not to waste their precious vote and to develop the feeling of patriotism while voting than affiliated to some political parties and political consideration to prevail and influence their voting is a very fair point made by PM Modi and which deserve rich appreciation than criticism.

People should see 2019 election to be an election for the continuance of good governance versus certain Tukde Tukde gangs and dynastic forces ganging up together to hijack governance to loot the nation. 

The 2019 election is extraordinarily unique from all previous elections. It is not about electing BJP or other Tukde Tukde gangs but re-electing good, honest, corruption and nepotism free governance, governance that is anchored on development, national security and sab ka vikas. It is all about the continuation of good governance versus instability and corruption if the Tukde Tukde gangs and dynastic forces are elected to power. 

Therefore the first time voters must weigh the future of India, national security, development, sab ka vikas and India becoming economic super power while casting their first vote than waste their vote on corrupt, dynastic forces waiting to grab power to loot the nation.

From the premise of invoking nationalism, it is the duty and responsibility of PM Modi to tell the first time voters to think of India, development, national security and those martyrs who sacrificed their life for our nation. Every other political party also must tell the voters that India’s security is as important as development, addressing agrarian crisis, solving unemployment crisis etc.

The problem of opposition parties is that if they invoke national security, Narendra Modi alone with get recognition because he was the first Prime Minister of India to show such assertiveness and firmness in tackling terrorism and proxy war of Pakistan. Therefore the opposition wants to question the credibility of our defence force and wants to show India as a failed country. They don’t mind supporting Pakistan but do not want to support India if such support may directly or indirectly strengthen the credibility and decisiveness of PM Modi. 

What PM Modi has urged to the first time voters was more as a statesman, a patriot, a leader who has buried his heart, head and soul so deep in national security, development and sab ka vikas and it was not a political statement meant to catch vote and that is how many Indians see.

Unlike the party of the dynasts like congress, DMK, JDU etc., asking people to vote for their party, Narendra Modi has asked people to vote for a stable and secured India and want the first time voters to thank the martyrs who sacrificed their life for our nation while voting for the first time.

Sense of gratitude, aspiration, vision for New INDIA, development, national security, sab ka vikas, governance free of corruption, nepotism and dynasty politics should kindle the first time voters and not the party affiliation is the ethos PM Modi has evoked to India through his Latur speech.

Some media houses and most of the opposition parties are getting nightmare when people of India talk about development, sab ka vikas, national security etc., because they fear that PM Modi is the first Prime Minister of India to commit and pledge his entire 5 years of governance for development, sab ka vikas and national security whereas the opposition parties, misused the power and looted India and pushed the poor to further penury and hopelessness.

The first time voters must realize that 2019 election is not about BJP versus others or Narendra Modi versus none but it is about good governance, governance free of corruption, governance full of development and national security versus dynastic forces which wants to cobble up and snatch the governance to loot our nation

Let us remember all those defence personals who sacrificed their life for safeguarding our country and the government that supported them by immediately sanctioning the purchase of bullet proof jackets, Rafale fighter jet and other equipment necessary for protecting India. Similarly Modi government was the first to secure our wing command Abinandhan Varthaman from Pakistan army within 48 hours.

Cast your vote for India and not for dynastic parties who wants to develop their family, engage in nepotism and corruption and push India backward.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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