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Like Shivaji, let Indian voters defeat the ploy of Afzal Khan in disguise, the manifesto of Congress party

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Shivaji Maharaj was a famous king who stood for the cultural unity of Hinduism and the associated spirituality. He defended his land and also stood brute and merciless towards traitors and thieves. Shivaji is not just pride of the state of Maharastra but Shivaji Maharaj is pride of entire India as well.

Afzal Khan was the commander of medieval India and was faithful to Adil Shahi dynasty that ruled Bijapur. Afzal Khan was known for his cunningness and treachery. He used to play every trick in the trade without any decency, culture and etiquette to destroy his rivals, all that he wants was power and authority.

At the end, Afzal Khan got destroyed and killed by his own wicked and treacherous ploy proving the proverb “evil to him who evil thinks”.

Afzhal Khan once invited Shivaji Maharaj to his tent in Pratapgad to have a meeting to make peace therefore the invitation went with a caveat that Shivaji should come unarmed. But Shivaji Maharaj was already known of the evil mind of Afzal Khan and therefore wore a metal armor inside his cloth and then went to meet Afzal Khan. It was the wicked plan of Afzal Khan, to use the custom of greeting each other with a hug to suffocate Shivaji to death. But Shivaji Maharaj being himself a great military strategist killed the evil force Afzal Khan and then escaped from his tent. The above narrative is not a story but is part of our history.

Today more or less the same history is coming back in the form of congress manifesto. In the form of Afzal Kahn, the manifesto of congress party has come to people to invite the innocent people to the tent created by Congress. If people of India believe the manifesto of congress that minimum guaranteed income of Rs.72,000/- then the victory would be of Afzal Kahan and not of people.

Over the 70 years of mis-rule, what the congress party has done to India to eliminate poverty should be the question people ask and not innocently believe the promise thrown by the last dynast of the party to people as a piece of bone.

Actually the dynast is tempting and exploiting the poverty and penurious status of people. He believes that by giving a promise, he can easily attract people to vote for congress party. The dynast may be thinking that he can come to voters like Pied Piper of Hameln where poor people would move around him like rats after seeing his poll manifesto.

India has grown and moved ahead in the last 5 years. PM Narendra Modi has not only developed India but also has made Indians to aspire and dream higher heights. The corruption free governance of PM Modi has made India develop and grow in several frontiers and the dignity and quality of life of poor people has been elevated significantly. Cooking gas connection, building toilets, drinking water supply, electrification, integration of poor people with banking sector, direct transfer of subsidies are some of the pro-poor initiatives taken by PM Modi have transformed India.

Similarly, big ticket scams PM Modi has blocked permanently by linking Aadhar where when one wants to buy gold or land or make investment in share, linking of Aaadhar is mandatory. Therefore the scamsters although have several means to loot money but they find it extremely difficult to slash the money in safe heaven. The Benami law also brings more claws to the scamsters so that even pumping the looted money in the account of the nearest relatives is also not that easy. Even the Hawala money is also being blocked by this government.

The NGO route of transaction has been blocked which has really squeezed all doors of scamsters to loot India. All the above measures taken by PM Modi have made several dynastic parties and parties that exist to loot India got shattered and gone hopeless. Today all the Tukde Tukde gangs and political parties of the dynasts are ganging up together to stop PM Modi coming back to power so that they can amok Indian economy, have free run, engaged in scams and nepotism and promote dynastic politics. They have realized that as long as Narendra Modi is in power India will develop, Indians become aspirational, will find overall growth and development, scam and corruption may disappear.

India also becomes economic super power soon if Narendra Modi continues as Prime Minister of India. When India develops and so are Indians, how the dynasts, their family can loot our nation?This is the genuine fear, the fear that is understandable and justifiable from the point of view of all dynastic parties and NGOs who are acting as condos to various political parties. The fear of all those who have reason to fear are spreading fear about PM Modi. But Indians have gown and matured therefore will not care about the dynast or his manifesto which is nothing but a can of lies and falsehood.

Last 70 years Indian got cheated by the congress party. Indians have decided ‘enough is enough, no vote to the dynast for propagating lies, falsehood negativity, fear mongering and hate politics.  Development, national security and sab ka vikas initiatives of PM Modi alone would triumph in 2019.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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