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From corruption to casteism: The Samajvadi manifesto

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Divyanshu Singh
Divyanshu Singh
Amateur learner| Interests range from Politics, Economics, History among others|Follow @real_divyanshu for more content!

While the SP faces internal disturbances, their Manifesto presents a rather vague and unclear socialist strategy.

For a manifesto, the Congress’ was available easily and digitally transferable along with supporting 4 languages.

State and local parties do not project their manifestos and plan of action as it should be. Most of the manifesto is derived from @Twitter Accounts of the party leaders.

Similar was the case for the SP.

1. Wealth inequality

Akhilesh Yadav has these views about the income in equality of India:

But this claim completely ignores the fact that wealth and income inequality are two different facets of the society. The amount of wealth owed to others must also be taken into account.

Unfortunately, he also ignore the reducing gap of weather and income in India, where according to World Bank’s statistics, on average, a 1% increase in per capita income reduced poverty by 1.7%.

Also, 10 per cent increase in a country’s average income will reduce the poverty rate by between 20 and 30 percent.

(See Adams, R (2002) Economic Growth, Inequality and Poverty: Findings from a New Data Set here and Policy Research Working Paper 2972, World Bank here.)

So, instead of the “distribution” of weather, they must look forward to higher growth within the economy, as it has been the focus of the NDA Govt. Even Brookings have predicted that around 44 people are pulled out of poverty every minute in India.

2. Schemes

Akhilesh Yadav has mentioned two schemes implemented in UP for the Central government:

But these schemes didn’t fare well in UP itself. For example, the Samajwadi Pension yojna had been riddled with corruption. Also, the Yogi govt identified 43000 dead people receiving the benefits of the Pension scheme.

Even the Lohia Scheme had its share of criticism, where 6.5 crore have been allocatted to wrong hands.

Using these corrupt and seemingly unproductive schemes may not surpass the success of PMAY and starting another scheme would increase the dead weight of bearucracy of the central government.

3. Army Pension

Akhilesh Yadav has put forward the following suggestions:

But the army already has very specific pension schemes already in place even before the NDA govt was in power.

Increasing the Pension would put pressure, unwanted in nature, upon the Central Exchequer. Instead, better quality equipment for the army and better intelligence resources to deter insurgency- both internal and external should be recommended.

Increasing workload of the government by adding unwanted and overhead expenses is an old trick of the SP to trick the masses and credit for other’s works.

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Divyanshu Singh
Divyanshu Singh
Amateur learner| Interests range from Politics, Economics, History among others|Follow @real_divyanshu for more content!
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