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Why DMK is after Brahmin’s blessing

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The DMK party under its president looks utterly confused and clueless as what to speak to the people of Tamil Nadu to elect its representatives in the forthcoming election. The fervent promotion of Rahul Gandhi for the post of Prime Minister of India by Stalin, the president of DMK raises several curious questions.

DMK as a political force has grown in Tamil Nadu to a status of a force to reckon with and captured power by opposing Hindi, dividing the Tamil community into Aryan and Dravidian race, branding all Aryan race as North Indian, opposing Hindu culture and God etc. Further DMK also engaged in spreading hatred and negativity against Brahmins possibly with the presumption that if Brahmins are isolated, Hinduism can be demolished and thereby the state can be facilitated for conversion by Christian Missionaries. The formula of Aryan and Dravidian itself was gifted by Bishop Caldwell to EV Ramasamy Naicker.

The question is why the DMK with its gene dipped so deeply in Anti-Brahmin-ism is so aggressive in promoting, popularizing and marketing Rahul Gandhi for the prime minister ship which even the congress is not dared to adventure?

On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi is advertising himself to be a Brahmin, belong to Dattathreya Gotra, visiting several Hindu temples and promoting Brahmin-ism and Brahmin-ite identity out of himself.

The congress government under Kamal Nath as soon as it came to power in Madhya Pradesh banned cow slaughter and made cow trafficking a heinous crime which even Shivraj Singh Chowhan of BJP in its 15 years of rule had never done.

The question is why DMK is acting like the advertising agency of Rahul Gandhi, the self-attested and advertised Brahmin and who is aggressively re-inventing the new Brahmin out of himself.

It looks like Stalin may want to wash-off the sins of DMK for persecuting Brahmins since the dawn of DMK and wants to gain the blessings of Brahmin and hence may be promoting the Brahmin Rahul Gandhi as prime minister of India. Any way Stalin has understood that his political ambition can be resurrected only with the help of a Brahmin. His father abused Brahmins and made his political capital but his son is praising and promoting a Brahmin for the post of prime minister of India for own political survival. A Brahmin is must for the political survival of Stalin and DMK as it looks like and that is why he is running after the self-attested Brahmin.

It looks like DMK is very much worried about the new awareness of Tamil people about the Dravidian ploy of DMK to distort Tamil identity so that the Telugu identity of most of the leaders of DMK can be hidden under Dravidian tag. Therefore DMK want to gain the support of Christian and Muslim population to consolidate its base instead of harping more on Tamils. DMK also may try to be the saviour of the people from other states who are settled in Tamil Nadu provided such population is sizable for the DMK to win election. If such possibility is there the party may dump the Tamils and may start to play a new politics.

The congress dynast is perfectly suited to the agenda of DMK as he can claim Christian to the Christians voters and can claim of his Muslim gene to Muslim voters because his grandfather was a Muslim and also can claim Hindu and Brahmin identity to Hindu voters. I brief it is his political colour and character to fool the voters. The question is how DMK and Stalin can afford to support a Brahmin and can betray his commitment to the Tamil cause i.e. persecution of Brahmins?

Tamil Nadu has changed and people are not going buy the wicked politics of DMK anymore. People of the state are quite certain that PM Modi has really transformed India and has taken several initiatives to uplift the poor people. Narendra Modi was the first Prime Minister to run the first corruption free government in India and the contrary, the history of DMK is well known with reference to corruption and so is congress. Both Rahul Gandhi and his mother are on bail in National Herald case.

MGR was ousted from DMK by Karunanidhi for asking the details of poll expenses and the details of the political fund received by the party because MGR was the treasurer of DMK then.

Hope people of Tamil Nadu will understand the truth that the state cannot be destroyed further by electing the dynastic rule and rule of destruction, disintegration and degeneration of the state. PM Narendra Modi has vision and firm leadership character and India can be saved only by him and not by the families who play dynastic politics.

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