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White paper on how India has transformed under Narendra Modi

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To know how India has transformed under Modi government since 2014, people of India need not debate or engage in great research but must visit the villages in remote parts of India to see the transformation in the behaviour of villagers in using toilets and abstain from open defecation practice.

The real transformation is not the rich becoming richer but how the life of the last man in the society has transformed, social status has been elevated, become aspirational, abandoned the old practices, become conscious about the health and hygiene and finally how people have been embroiled into the mission of sab ka vikas.

The reports of National Annual Rural Sanitation Survey (NARSS) has conducted an extensive survey between 2018-2019 and found that for about 93% of houses in rural India have toilet facility which was created by Modi govt. and 96.5% household are using them instead of following open defecation practice due to lack of toilets during UPA period. The data was quite amazing where nearly 93000 household being surveyed over 6136 villages in India.

Ever since PM Modi launched Swachh Bharat Mission, the above mission has not just changed but transformed people and changed their behaviour from grieving and enduring to aspirational and empowered.

The data show that 500 million people have stopped defecating in the open areas ever since PM Modi has launched the programme from the initial number of 550 million people before 2014 (that was during UPA period) and now only very small population remains in the transition stage and would soon move to toilet usage as the access has been created by this govt. Modi government has built 9 crore toilets over 5.5 lakh villages and in 615 districts in various states including union territory.

The above data show how India has transformed under PM Modi and how it was when India was ruled by a family or its syndicates.  The transformation of the social status, dignity, privacy, health consciousness, awareness, aspiration, dream to touch higher goals in life and inclusion in banking system are the millstones BJP govt. has achieved for India.

PM Narendra Modi has followed the spirit and essence of what Gandhiji has said that the soul and heart of India lives in villages. Therefore the mission of New India must begin from our villages where every villager must have the basic facilities and infrastructure and only then a New India can be made. The development of India should start from villages where the villagers must have smokeless cooking facility, sanitation and potable drinking water, power, health coverage, better education and banking system. PM Modi has achieved all the above missions for poor people in villages.

Today millions of Indians in rural India operate their finance through banking system, conscious of savings, receiving the benefits of various government schemes directly into their bank account without any kickbacks being given to middlemen.

When PM Modi introduced one of the most ambitious health insurance schemes to poor people, many opposition parties questioned about its implementation part but PM Modi being a great visionary which most of the dynasty practicing politicians have not yet understood. When better living conditions are provided and awareness is increased and people are transformed, naturally the medical expense would decrease was the scientific prudence of the Prime Minister.

What, we the Indians see today is total transformation, behavioural change, aspiration, desire and dream of a better life, a New India and the India where development and sab ka vikas shall be the political and philosophical mission. PM Modi has proved time and again that he is not just focusing only on development and sab ka vikas alone but also will ensure the safety of India from enemies and terrorists.

Narendra Modi will do his best to save India, develop the nation and achieve sab ka vikas but every Indian also has a great responsibility to save India from the divisive, dynastic, corrupt forces.

The corrupt, dynastic forces are working overtime to spread lies, hatred and negativism to divert people from the mission of New India.  The dream of New India can be achieved only if the Indians, especially the first time voters pledge their unconditional support to Narendra Modi to save India from the dynastic forces.

Take the transformation index of the average villager in India after Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India and how their life was during 50 years of congress rule. Even the basic sanitation facility (toilet), cooking gas, potable drinking water, health coverage, house to live were denied and neglected by congress government to poor villagers in the last 60 years.

Just in 5 years, Narendra Modi has transformed India and more to be done to make India a global economic power which PM Modi alone can achieve and definitely not the dynast.

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