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Home Opinions What should be India’s next steps? #PulwamaAttack #IndiaStrikesback #WelcomeBackAbhinandan

What should be India’s next steps? #PulwamaAttack #IndiaStrikesback #WelcomeBackAbhinandan

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After the IAF successfully avenging Pulwama attack by destroying Pak terror camps in its own territory Balakot (Thanks Pak Railway Minister Sheik Rashid for being our testimony), they almost knelt down with their backs to the wall. While India was rejoicing this mini glory, Pak responded through its misadventure- sending in around 20 of its Jets to destroy Indian military infrastructure breaching the Indian airspace. Though India effectively chased them back and downed one of their F-16s, IAF wing commander Abhinandan was captured by the Pak army. But after seeing India flex its muscles and mounting international pressure, Pak buckled & agreed to send him back today. Hope to see our IAF tiger back home safe shortly.

In the wake of the above, the question on everyone’s mind (In India) should be “Is the job done? Have we achieved what we wanted as a nation in Kashmir after the Pulwama?”. The answer is a blatant NO.

While the libtards as ever want to get busy in their routine of election campaign/coverage and lament ‘#SayNo2War’, It’s important that the Indian Government remains focused on the task on hand which is ‘#TerroristsSafaiAbhiyaan’, ‘#TerrorAllOut’, ‘#SayNoToTerrorism’. It certainly has shown great resolve by decimating the terror camps much beyond LOC- deep in PAK (which has happened only first time after 1971 war, not even during Kargil).


Though I personally feel that we should now go all-out war mode in dealing with Pak for it to stop terror-sponsoring, cease-fire violations and get hand-over of multiple big fish in Azhar Masood and Dawood Ibrahim etc, the need of the hour is a final strike on a list of internal enemies – the separatists, the stone-pelter gang, the TukdeTukde gang, the Jihadi gang including Mehbooba Mufti (Read as ‘anti-Indian’ politician per her Wiki) (who have colluded with Pak to groom, nurture and organize all the ‘#fictiousfreedom’ rites in J&K). The Modi Govt has to now throw a throttling blow on not only these namak-har*ms who eat in the Indian plate and then urinate in the same, but also those who hide themselves in the mask of liberals- ill-exercising their feedom of expression to divide India for personal agendas.

Revoking article 370 will automatically bring J&K to the fore of development, as it opens up the vast business potential that it possesses. Also, gets to implement nation-wide applicable beneficial schemes to common man.

Pakistan will be more than half-dead when we thrive on these internal matters in Kashmir. Then it will be beating a dead snake.


Maybe it’s too much too soon to ask from Mr. Modi but we all know #ModihaitoMumkinhai.

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