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The anatomy of distraction in India

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India as a country is going through a rollercoaster. We are questioning those who protect us, serve us with their selflessly decided service. In return, they never ask for anything, not even respect. Sometimes, we get to know their name, sometimes, we don’t. They just vanish like air.

But why it is happening that, we are becoming like this, doubting who protects us? In the name of transparency, proof, we cross the lines, making shameful remarks. If you look at it carefully, analyzing, you would find, these tactics are to serve the propaganda. Keeping you and me, out of the loop, hitting at the persons who serve the nation.

That tactic is used to distract the common Indian people from asking the real question. That is their main propaganda. And when they do distract us. They serve those, who wish to harm our country. It’s an old tactic but proven. How to Let me show you the recent case.

When Pulwama Attack happened, Every Indian was angry. We started a movement to show our love for India. Then after 10 days, the air strikes happened. When the strike happened. It automatically focused on the JEM, who is responsible for the Pulwama attacks. Now, everyone knows, where The terrorist camps are situated. what happened there. But Pakistan had always denied their presence on the Pakistani soil.

If Pakistan had accepted that, the camps were harboring terrorist, then well, they had Nowhere to hide. But now, buzzing with all the media, they needed to divert the attention from there to something else.

How would they accomplish this? They needed a distraction, so they asked their helpers on Indian soil, to help them. What these anti-nationalist people did? They asked the authenticity of the strikes? Then our WC Abhinandan got in their hands. Their strategy worked, soon we forgot the attacks. How Abhinandan got released.


Even after that, now still they are asking for proof of the air strikes? Why Don’t you ever wonder?
The answer is to distract us.
Simple and Effective.

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