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Imran Khans will come and go: In Pakistan nothing is permanent but terrorism

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The longer a battle rages, the more unimaginative people become in finding it’s solutions. And so in times as volatile as these, it is still not too late for every Indian to pick up a history book, and spot the pattern. No Pakistani politician is ever going to be able to give you a definitive solution to the Kashmir problem, because they won’t last long enough to do so. Stop waiting for the sun to set in the east for the 22nd time. If you seriously believe Imran Khan can make a difference, you are as incredibly naive as he is. People told him to stick to cricket, and I wish he really really did. That ’92 final was really something you know, and I can only imagine how well he would’ve done heading the PCB or ICC. But, this is a different ball game. You see, there hasn’t been a single Prime Minister in Pakistan that has lasted for a full 5 year term since 1947.

This is actually where the Pakistani PM stands!

It seems somewhat comical that this doesn’t give enough attention, but really, if one looks at it, the sequence of events is nothing but a bad long drawn out joke. It started with good old Liaquat Ali, Jinnah’s trusted lieutenant, getting shot in ’51. There were then a series of 1-2 year placeholder PMs like Bogra and Surhawardy till ’58. This was followed by 11 years of self proclaimed field Marshal Ayub Khan (Described by our own FM Sam as an “extremely handsome” but “average officer”). Then with 1969 came 2 years of General Yahya (Popularly known as Rangeela Raja – also sam Manekshaw’s 2IC pre independence) then 3 years of Zulfikar Bhutto who previously oversaw the genocide and breaking up of east Pakistan into Bangladesh. Post his hanging for corruption and murder, it was 11 years of General Zia – who died in a plane crash. Then two years of Zulfikar’s daughter Benazir (who many think is such a role model of women empowerment when all she was, was a failed Prime minister and a corrupt puppet who got her own brother murdered). Then came 2 years of Miyan Nawaz then 3 years of Benazir, then 3 years of Nawaz again, followed by a coup and 9 years of Gen Musharraf.

Status of Nawaz Sharif

After this in 2008, came Zardari for 5 years (As President not PM. PM Yousuf Geelani in the same time frame again got removed for corruption after 4 years). Then returned Nawaz, the prodigal son, for 4 years again before being removed for corruption and thus, we finally arrived at “Im the dim”. If there is one lesson to be learned from this history, it is that Imran Khan won’t last. The deep state won’t let him. Imran Khans will come and go. Only a societal transformation of a miraculous proportion will bring about the required change that will lead to the restructuring of the military-industrial complex, and make Purana Pakistan a “Naya Pakistan”. Either that, or sooner or later, there will be “No Pakistan”.

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