I said I will not come back to vote for Modi, but now I must

A few months ago, I wrote an article on OpIndia explaining why I was considering not taking pains to come to India and vote for Modi. I will not go through those reasons again, and not because they cease to exist, but because the recent happenings in our country have convinced me that there is no alternative than having Modi at the helm at least for next 5 years. And I specifically say Modi, not BJP.

Sure, the BJP has been a bit blind in terms of supporting its supporters. On OpIndia itself, there have been many columns which have explained this in a very intelligent and lucid way. I will also not go into details about why some of the supporters of BJP are slightly unhappy with BJP. There is a feeling of not enough being done, especially when it came to certain issues like Kashmir, Ram Mandir and prosecution of the corrupts in the previous government. Modi himself admitted that one of his failures was that he never got an acceptance from the Lutyens crowd, when most of his supporters believed the views and non-acceptance of those biased, blind (to ground realities) and sugar-puffy self-declared intellectual scoundrels didn’t really matter. Like many, I was a bit disillusioned and hence had started to doubt if my support for Modi was worth it.

However, the Pulwama attacks, India’s response and the subsequent narrative of these anti-India hatemongers made me sit up and rethink what I had been thinking off late.

A democracy thrives on of difference of opinions. But when lies and anti-Indian agenda are peddled as opinions, the fourth pillar of democracy becomes more of a cancer than a pillar. The post air-strike narrative from certain sections of the media, the opposition and these intellectuals were not different from that of Pakistan. In fact, Pakistan used that very narrative to gain back certain advantage that it had lost on the world-scale. And certainly, I will not blame Pakistan for that. They did what was good for their country. However, what Congress and their cronies did was definitely anti-India. From not trusting the government, to not trusting the IAF to making false accusations. Its easy to fight an enemy who lives beyond the borders. It not easy to fight the Jaichands who live amongst you.

I do not mind when an honest take criticizes certain policies of Modi and his government because that is the essence of living in a free world. And frankly this government has not done badly on most of the parameters. Ministers in the Modi government such as Nitin Gadkari, Sushma Swaraj, Nirmala Sitharaman, Piyush Goyal, to name just a few have set benchmarks for their successors. But when one and all come together to oppose one man who made sure that 5 years of his government did not see a single corruption scandal, something so unusual for someone like me who was born in the 1980s, it makes you wonder if they oppose the man for his policies or because another 5 years of him would make their existence completely redundant. It makes you wonder about the intentions of those in “opposition” who have transcended their hate for one man into a hate for the very country they live in and its culture.

So, yes! I will come back to vote for Modi. Sure, I can debate about his policies and his governance. Sure, I wish some motor-mouths in his government get a percent of his intelligence and his sense of duty. But most importantly, I cannot see my India fall again into the hands of those who would sell it until it would only live in the memory. This is the least I could do.

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