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From politics of hatred to false promise by the dynast – Let us save India, elect democracy once again

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The witty dynast was struggling from the beginning to overshadow the honest, development centric, sab ka vikas based image of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As a result the dynast was making one stupidity after another starting from calling Chowkidar chor to a big scam accusation in Rafale deal.

India has changed a lot which the dynast is yet to understand. It is quite obvious that all the sycophants and Chamchas in congress party are following the same old culture of venerating the one family for everything to remain in corridor to power and amass wealth but that does not mean India hasn’t changed.

After futile efforts to defeat the credible and honest image of PM Modi, the dynast has now started to sing a different song.

It is like a violinist due to lack of audience if play guitar thinking that people would come to his guitar concert, the dynast of congress party is changing his politics from negativity and hatred towards Narendra Modi to fool people with tall promises.

To attract the Indian voters he has come with a big game plan that every poor person will be given Rs.72, 000/- per year and then he is also promising some new support schemes for those who wants to start business in India. The dynast is thinking that Indians are fools and would easily fall into his stupid promises and ploy. Exploiting poor, minority appeasement for vote bank politics, misusing the office to institutionalize corruption and scam, perpetuating nepotism and dynastic culture in politics are the wonderful gifts of congress party to India. Certainly DMK in Tamil Nadu is no less than congress party in ruining the state.

Spreading lies, negative politics, politics of hatred & falsehood, exploitation of poverty and minority appeasement are the innate behaviour of the dynast and his party.

After Narendra Modi has become Prime Minister of India, people of India have started to see a new style of governance and development happening with sab ka vikas, greater respect and recognition for India at international level. Display of the strength and pragmatism of India in defending its territory, diffusing terrorist camps in Pakistan, capability of India to launch and destroy live satellites are other remarkable achievement of PM Modi.

Besides that several pro-poor schemes and programs to curb corruption initiated by PM Modi has literally shaken the root of all those scamsters and looters in Indian politics. Today whether to buy gold or land or investing in share market or deposit the money in bank, Aadhar and PAN are linked therefore the looters in several government establishment are left with little chance. Even to bring their money that is slashed in foreign banks is also not that easy without the knowledge of government. Even the NGO funding is being monitored for its source, purpose and the expenditure details so the Hawala root of siphoning the money can be chocked. So all those scamsters and looters are extremely angry and want to stop Narendra Modi coming back to power at any cost.

But people of India want development, sab ka vikas, emergence of new India becoming an economic super power and they want Narendra Modi and BJP.

It was Atal Bihari Vajpayee who showed the worth and dignity of India to the world through Pokran. But congress party has only made India weak and helpless by being mute towards terrorist attack in Mumbai when UPA was in power.

Most of the Tukde Tukde gangs and regional parties are extremely angry with PM Modi whereas millions and millions of people are supporting PM Modi.

People of India are not corrupt, people want development, people want corruption and scam free government, people want India to become economic power, people want India to be known to the world as leader country and that is why they are supporting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But the Tukde Tukde gangs and political parties of the dynasts want Narendra Modi to be defeated because only then they can engage in corruption, scam and dynastic politics. For these Tukde Tukde gangs and dynasts, their dynasty must develop and not India. For PM Modi and BJP, it is the country that comes first and not politics or party or own family.

There are many marketing and advertisement agencies are working overnight to market and sell the dynast to India but nothing is working. DMK is making war cry to make the dynast Prime Minister of India. Several media houses are making Ramayana and Mahabharat out of the greatness of the dynast and his family but nothing is working.

If the dynast gives another interview to Mr. Arnab Goswami of Republic, certainly people of India would en mass watch the program and thereby the dynast become much more popular.

Honesty, integrity, trueness, patriotism, commitment for development and sab ka vikas are inborn leadership qualities and characteristics of Narendra Modi which the dynast cannot hire or can take for rent.

Dynast is also sincere and but towards his dynasty, for power to engage in his expert practice of looting the nation.  Nothing looks like is going to save the dynast. Lord Ram, Lord Siv, Rahim nor Jesus are going to help the dynast because none of the Gods till date knows whom the dynast he really worship and to whom he sincere to?

Amethi people are not going to support him, none of the regional parties are willing to take him seriously, Indian voters finds lots of fun in him. Who knows many congress people also may be enjoying the dynast.  Let us save India from all these corrupt dynasts, who make joke out of poverty and poor.

One more term for Narendra Modi led BJP is must for India to become an economic super power. Let us destroy dynastic politics and shall promote honesty and probity in public life by electing Narendra Modi as our next Prime Minister. Let us vote for honesty not dynasty.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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