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Do you think The Chinese Army is brave? Think again

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So, almost everyone in this country knows what’s going on in the world unless you’re Patrick and living under a rock for centuries. India saw one of it’s darkest day on 14th of Feburuary 2019 when a coward terrorist ‘Adil Ahmad Dar’ of Pakistan based terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) rammed a car carrying explosives into the bus of security personnels of the 76th Battalion in Pulwama resulting in a deadly blast which led to the the death of our 40 brave security personnels. Many were injured and taken to the army based hospital in Srinagar.

Indian Air Force on 26th of February 2019 retaliated effectively by doing ‘legendary’ air strikes (first since 1971) on Balakot in Pakistan. Indian Air Force used 12 Mirage 2000H aircrafts to carry the operation and destroy the JeM operated camps in Balakot. According to a report by NTRF there were 300 ACTIVE mobile connections at the camp site. It’s pretty obvious goats in Pakistan won’t be using mobile phones so it has to be terrorists who were active in the camps. It’s being estimated IAF’s retaliation killed around 300 terrorists in Balakot. The precision in the attacks by IAF was such that no civilans were hurt.

India took various important diplomatic steps afterwards to keep Pakistan in check. One of them was to get Masood Azhar designated as a terrorist by the UN Security Council. Despite the backing of India from the US, UK and France, China did not agree to it and for the fourth time used Veto to delay the decision giving ‘techincal hold’ the reason behind it’s not so responsible decision.

Being an 18 year old boy I don’t have anything but to imagine about war these days. With regular threats from Pakistan and now the newly created tensions with China when the Doklam issue was just being cooled down is not a good news. So, I started doing some search about the military capablities of both the China and India and this is when I came upon an article ‘UN peacekeepers ‘abandoned posts’ as S. Sudan rebels raped aid workers’. This caught my attention as I am aware how media works all around the world. When I did a little search on the matter, I found out it was actually the Chinese Peace Keeping forces which abandoned their posts and refused to help people as the personnels of the Peace Keeping Forces were concerned about their own safety. This is actually an old news but I won’t be surprised if you did not see it in the news. That’s just how media works. The incident took place in July 2016.

To sum it up for you, here’s what happened:

1. Chinese Peace Keeping Forces were deployed in South Sudan’s Juba region to keep the area safe from the militants.
2. Rebels soldiers of Sudan attacked the base where they raped the international aid workers, physically and sexually assaulted other workers too. Rebels even killed a journalist because of his ethnicity.

“Some UN peacekeepers ‘abandoned their posts entirely,’ failing to ‘live up to the protection mandate’ and care for civilians in South Sudan in July”, a US based rights group says.

Similar accident took place in February when government soldiers attacked a civilian protection site in the northern town of Malakal, killing at least 30 civilians and injuring 100 others. However our Indian peacekeepers along with Ethiopia and Rwanda stood by and took required actions as stated by the same US based right groups.

India’s contribution in South Sudan is influential. Indian Army Contingent in UN South Sudan Force was awarded for it’s service to UN and South Sudan.

China last fought a war in 1979 in which the PLA was humiliated by Vietnam. It’s even said they underperformed despite their strength. China may have won the 1962 war but the scores got settled with the 1967 war.

China may have tons of shiny toys but it’s never about those shiny toys, it’s all about the person who plays with them. Indian Army for sure knows how to play with them.


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Source 2 (Indian Army gets awarded for it’s contribution)

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