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Yes I am a Modi Bhakt: Read why

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Ashish kumar
M Ashish Kumar from Hyderabad and an engineer in the telecom industry by profession.  My interests outside of work life in current affairs and social service. I support for change towards nation interest.

Today I can proudly say that am Modi bhakt. But why? Yes, I will stand by him.

Do I think Modi is perfect? NO.

Do I believe Modi doesn’t make any mistake? NO.

Do I believe Modi government has fulfilled all that we want? NO

Do I feel he will make India like Europe or USA in his lifetime? NO.

But I stand by his side like a rock. Why?

➤ Because I do believe he is doing whatever he can in a very honest, dedicated and committed way.

➤ Because I do believe he is giving his best to improve the country in all areas.

➤ Because I have seen that massive corruption at cabinet ministerial level has disappeared.

➤ Because I have seen that India has not witnessed any terror attack on civilians in last 4 years under his rule.

➤ Because I have seen him taking unpopular steps just to make sure subsidies and taxes reach to the poor people and not middlemen.

➤ Because he has pushed forward many reforms which are not going down well with people today, but will unleash a new India when the results of those reforms – structural, economic, infrastructural will be visible in next 8-10 years.

➤ Because I know even if he is not perfect, he is much better than Lalu Yadav. He is much better than Akhilesh Yadav. He is much better than Mayawati. He is much better than Mamata Banerjee. He is much better than Rahul Gandhi.

➤ He is a hard working person. He has no family or anyone after him. Anyone of you who keep abusing him, are you even a fraction of him in dedication, focus, integrity, hard work and getting things done.

He is cleaner than all the names I took above. He is not corrupt. He is a visionary. He has solutions to many problems (if not all).

➤ He may not make India like Europe or US in his lifetime however hard he tries. But atleast he is governing much better than previous regimes. Check macro and micro-economic parameters. Compare infrastructure growth. Compare core areas. Compare GDP growth. Compare wholesale and consumer inflation. Every single parameter is much healthier than before.

Yes there are problems. Governing a country as heterogenous and vast as India which has been reeling under problems since centuries is never a joke.

Now ask yourself – who can and who has the capability to solve your problems?

Hardik? Alpesh? Jignesh? Tejaswi? Akhilesh? Mayawati? Mamata? Lalu? Yechury? Kanhaiya? Rahul? Naidu? Pawar?

They all are baying for Modi’s blood (not in literal sense), they grill him now and then.What we saw among members of the Opposition was sheer arrogance. The only thing they have to say- remove Modi but don’t know why. Have they ever suggested any single solution to the problem? Have they ever suggested what steps will they take to solve the problems? What is their vision? What is their method?

In last Four and half years we have seen India transforming at rate which never happened before. All the central govt schemes have strengthened the weaker, poor and underprivileged sections of our societies. Happy to see every human being is respected equally and is being taken care of Ayushman Bharat beneficiary leads us to more healthy, more stronger and more developed Nation.

  • 7 cr LPG Connections.
  • 2 cr Electricity Connections.
  • 2 cr houses to poor people.
  • 9 Cr Toilet were build.
  • 33 Cr new Bank A/c created.
  • 50cr will be benefited 2with AyushmanBharat.
  • 32 Cr LED bulbs issued.
  • 14 Crore Mudra loan given.
  • Road connectivity improved.
  • Railway has seen huge change.
  • Airport connectivity increased.
  • 7 New IITs, IIMs, IIITs each.
  • 12 New AIIMS.
  • Low inflation.
  • Cheap Mobile data.
  • GST with reduced slabs.
  • Swach Bharat, and many more.

Mr. Modi has been the role model to millions of people since his face came into lime-light. A person who knows how to achieve the hardest goal in life. A person who never get tired and weary. A person who arose from dirt and became diamond. A person who has paved his way through his hard work and dedication. A person who took pride for being an Indian.

That’s why I am and I will stand with Narendra Modi like a rock. I am happy to be labelled a Bhakt than being irresponsible KAMBAKHT. I take pride in it when it comes to my Nation interest.

Just think before you vote.

For him to guide us towards the dream of New India, it is imperative that he wins in 2019. The noise and the clutter created by the opposition must be drowned in the rain of his achievements.

Even if he loose in 2019 I can say it would be a loss for the Nation not to him.
Please do Support the people’s leader whose vision is to transform India to New India.

Narendra Modi: “Saugandh mujhe is mitti ki, main desh nahi jhukne dunga
(I take an oath upon this soil, I will not let the country bow)”.

“My Nation, My PM, My Pride”

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Ashish kumar
M Ashish Kumar from Hyderabad and an engineer in the telecom industry by profession.  My interests outside of work life in current affairs and social service. I support for change towards nation interest.

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