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Why Congress must work for the victory of Narendra Modi led BJP in 2019 general election

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Oomen Chandy, the former Chief Minister of Kerala and the poll in-charge of Andhra Pradesh has saved the congress party and its great dynast from yet another hall of shame and disgrace from TDP. During the united opposition grand show in Delhi, Sonia Gandhi posed a fantastic photo-shoot with Mayawati in which Sonia was seen leaning onto the shoulder of Mayawati of BSP. That photo-shoot was well circulated to prove the closeness of Mayawati and Sonia.

In politics no one is close and no one is too far away, no one is blood relative or untouchable and that loud truth Mayawati has proved. The SP and BSP have formed an alliance and has given a magnanimous allowance to the congress that they would not contest the two constituencies held by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. Except the two seats, congress was virtually shown the door out from UP.

Recently TMC Chief Mamta Banarjee has called for a mega rally of united opposition parties in West Bengal and surprisingly the DMK that wanted Rahul Gandhi to lead the opposition parties as its Prime Minister face was silent about its wish in the mega rally of TMC in West Bengal.

TMC, BSP and SP wanted the opposition alliance with least role for congress. On the other side, TRC and BJD want an opposition alliance without congress. TDP recently developed a sudden love-fever for congress party is now totally clueless and worried about the possible alliance of TRC and YSR congress and wants to dumb congress as TDP has realised after the defeat in Telengana that the love of TDP with congress is against the sentiments of the founder of TDP – NT Rama Rao.

Congress would have sensed its neglect and political isolation by most of the regional parties. If TDP announces its intentions to go solo without congress it would have been like rubbing salt onto the wound which congress wants to avoid at any cost. Instead of TDP discarding the congress as unwanted, congress has gracefully announced that it would contest the election alone in Andhra Pradesh. In fact Ooman Chandy has saved congress from another hall of shame and disgrace.

Need of the day for the congress is not about opposing BJP or PM Modi but congress must severely and brutally oppose all the regional parties and only by defeating and eliminating the regional parties, Congress can re-claim its national identity.

If Congress fell into the trap of regional parties and strengthen the regional parties just to oppose Narendra Modi, Congress is doing nothing but destroying itself and digging own graveyard.

Need of the hour for the congress is to regain its lost ground and re-establish its national identity. Congress without mincing its words must tell people of India that it would oppose all regional parties because regional parties forming a government at the centre will prove disaster to our nation and such government will not be stable. Therefore congress must tell affront that it will not support the regional parties forming a government at centre in 2019 and must shatter the greed, dream and ambition of the regional parties to form Mahagathbandhan to capture power. In short term, such repose may not give great political dividends to congress but in long run, congress can regain its lost identity.

Interest of the nation, congress should put first. By way of opposing BJP or Narendra Modi, Congress should not dig its own graveyard and strengthen the regional parties. If congress allows Modi to come to power by defeating regional parties, India is going to benefit and every Indians are going to prosper which congress must feel happy about and India also going to be free of corruption if Narendra Modi continues as Prime Minister in 2019.

Some years later, if congress is lucky, it can form government and naturally the congress will not have much challenge to deal as the Prime Minister Narendra Modiji would have made India the best country, by the time.

Congress must play positive politics and politics of nation building and not digging own graveyard by supporting the regional parties.

United India, one India, one election, one tax and one cultural identity – Hinduism should be the agenda congress must support.

If Narendra Modi wins 2019, congress will be the major beneficiary and not the regional parties and this loud truth congress must recognize and respect.

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