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When the independent institutions stains political colour and fall victim to lobby

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The autonomous institutions in India such as CBI, RBI, Judiciary etc., should not become tools in the hands of politics of dynasty just to oppose the Government and that would progressively erode the very existence of the institutions is the loud truth today the judiciary may be experiencing.

Way back in January 12, 2018, the present chief justice of supreme court of India along with other three judges made a press meet in public asking for transparency and accountability from the then Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India Mr. Dipak Mishra who was the master roster. It was well applauded and appreciated by the party of the dynast and several neo-liberals, left wing agitators and self-appointed guardians of democracy and secularism in India.

When the issue of removal of CBI chief for his disgraceful conduct bringing disrepute to CBI was concerned, the select panel nominee from Supreme Court of India justice AK Sikri nominated by the Chief justice of India was questioned by the dynast because he stood high ground to maintain the integrity and reputation of CBI. Such impartial stand by AK Skiri did not favour the politics of the dynast and hence the dynast attributed motives to the stand taken by the judge.

Today the same lobby are hunting the present Supreme Court Judge as well with the same old dirty politics. The lobby has even gone to the extent of describing the Chief Justice of India as “master of roster has also become the master of collegium”.

According to them the former Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra has only acted as ‘master roster’ but the present Chief Justice who protested against Dipak Misra in public has gone one step further to become master collegium as well. It means he is taking entire authority on himself and not consulting with anyone in taking decisions.

It looks like the hunter is now being hunted. The beauty is that the same lobby that had applauded and appreciated the rebellion and tarnishing the image of India is now criticizing and denigrating those when they did not fit to their agenda, today. Today, when the Chief Justice is not doing what the lobby really wants, they have taken the same old weapon to attack him.


The real problem is not with the lobby or left wing agitators or self-appointed guardians of democracy and secularism but, the those who are supposed to be responsible for the reputation of the institutions for having fallen prey to these lobbies in the past, may be for political reasons were the one caused the real problem.

What they had initiated in the past is only continuing today as an extension and nothing new and nothing strange.

If the judges had not rebelled in public, if the former RBI Governor had not displayed his political colour in public and if the chief of CBI had not fought with his college like Kilkenny cat, the reputation of all these institutions would not have been dragged so badly like what is happening today.


The independent institutions must learn to resolve its differences within the confine of four walls and should not bring to the street. Further the independent institutions also should not appear to side some political parties to rebel against the government because the Government of the day is very tough, incorrupt and demand accountability.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi always focus on development of India, sab ka vikas and not politics or power. But on the contrary, the dynast is always thinking about the Chair of Prime Minister of India, his birth entitlement for PM post, how to develop his dynasty, how to expand his coterie of sycophants, how to keep India underdeveloped, how the Indians can be fragmented based on caste and religion etc.

Therefore however independent and autonomous several institutions may be, the government of the day has the right to demand result and accountability from all such institutions because government is only responsible to people and not those institutions.

Lessons to be learned from the present anecdote is that do not fall prey to the dirty politics of dynastic forces that may support you today but if you take moral high standard, the same dynastic force may ridicule and denigrate you.

By the time most of those institutions would have learned their lessons. The people of India must teach all those Tukde Tukde gangs a fitting lesson and must ensure the politics of dynasty never comeback to power.

Let the agenda of development and sab ka vikas initiated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi lead India to success in 2019 and beyond.

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