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The fate of Bihar

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While I am writing this my first article, I don’t know from where  should I start, the whole country’s temperature starts getting rising due to the 2019 election (which is very important), but that’s not my whole concern. To give readers idea about this article I belong to Patna, Bihar, but living away from Bihar from last 7 years, first two years Kota for JEE preparation, then 4 years in IIT Jodhpur, 2 months in Jaipur and rest of the months in Mumbai.

In the last 7 years wherever I went, I met fellow Biharis, working as labourers, caretaker, or doing other odd jobs, working for their livelihood with a smile on his face. When I ask them, “Why you guys are not with your family and  not working in Bihar”, their smile on the face fades away. They say, there is no job in Bihar (which is true), there is no factory in Bihar and then we together start blaming our Bihari politicians. Discussion ends. I have also faced situations where Biharis were mocked due to their accent or their odd-job profiles. During my first two years away from Bihar, I got angry and started debating with those people. However, now I don’t completely blame them. I completely believe there is a problem in Bihar, no politician can fix this. There is a popular saying in Bihar “We don’t caste our vote, we vote our caste”. No caste or even religion can get away from this.

When we raise these questions to our Bihari politicians, they start throwing stones to each other. One who claims to be secular his whole family is party and party is family (same like Indira is India India is Indira) and almost all his family members holding some post in the party or became public representative without experience and educational background. They just not become MLA or MP; they become CM and Deputy CM, they took their charges of corruption as a badge of honour. It’s because they have considerable support base and can govern their party or even government from jails.

The other one who claims to be Sushan Babu is the real gem, he is ruling Bihar almost from the last 15 years. He so frequently changes political alliance that he will put a chameleon to the shame. Although he also claims to be secular, he and his party’s main job is to put him as a CM and portray him as Sushan Babu. In the last 15 years he did nothing expect telling people that I am a better option than one who bring “Jungleraj” to Bihar.

When he came first in power in 2005, he issued a lot of liquor license (according to him this was to increase revenue). Then the same guy banned the liquor in Bihar 2015. In his initial days, he created a lot of vacancies for government teachers, and hence, a huge number of unqualified people got the jobs by unethical means (well those who belong to Bihar, they all know how to get government jobs bu just giving a few lakh of rupees). No wonder how “TOPPERS SCAM” happened. Unethical teachers can only generate unethical students (read generation)!

This is the result I got on Google when I simply searched for “Bihar”!


Then it comes to our “Grand Old Party”, well there is nothing to talk more about these guys too. They have only one job to do. Follow the orders from high command, and high command gives only one order become Stepney to “secular forces”.

Then, at last, we should talk about this party who is in power in Delhi as well as in Patna. They made a lot of promises to Bihar well. Those promises do not get delivered in Bihar because they don’t want to or they are working as Stepney in government since 2005. Their state leadership lacks vision and common goal for their state.

There are also various other parties in Bihar, with almost the same kind of grammes.


                                           “आलम ये है जनाब, यहाँ की हर जाति की पार्टी है”

This article is not to portray how Biharis politicians are bad. I think they are very smart, they know what “their” people want and they just give fuel to them. In a democracy, there is a saying that “The public is always right”. Well I disagree, when your per capita income is lowest in the country and you’re still voting for your caste; politicians are not fool you are! When you go to other states for finding jobs; don’t blame politicians why they didn’t bring factories to Bihar, blame yourself why you guys have not chosen good politicians. We are not living in the kingdom where king rules on us, or fate of state depend upon king’s mood. We are living in a democracy where our actions and our voting choices define our fate, our stupid actions can make democracy in demagoguery.

At the end fate of Bihar depends upon their vote and it’s up to Biharis choose wisely or continue giving the vote to their caste.

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