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“You have lost a supporter” – An open letter to the #LGBQT+ community of India

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Dear LGBQT+ community of India,

Hey! Recently, the Supreme Court of India decriminalized same sex relationships in India which made you all extremely happy and the social media platforms saw a lot of joyrides since then. People coming out of the closet and sharing their experiences and love for same sex was overwhelming.

Some of my friends belong to your community. I knew about them, well most of them. So overall, I stood by them silently and often supported them as well when required. Being a Hindu, I was always taught to let everyone live the way they want. Supporting your wish of being with the same sex partner was part of what I was taught from the very beginning.

In the last few weeks, it was however very unfortunate to see how deeply leftist propagandist voices have entered in your community. It breaks my heart when I see you all claiming to raise voice against so-called Islamophobia but promote Hinduphobia from the same platform.

Interestingly, one of the biggest Hindu organizations i.e. Rashtriya Swyamsevak Sangh or commonly known as RSS supported your community and extended their good wishes when the Supreme Court ruling came a couple of months ago. On the other hand, the Christian, as well as Islamic communities in India, opposed the decision. So when we Hindus are standing next to you in the thick and thin why so much hate for us?

The answer is pretty simple. The deep-rooted leftist or communist mindset among your community is not allowing you all to see how bad you treat us. The blindfold of hate for us has reached to the level where you are not even ready to acknowledge that majority of us have stood by you and even though faced opposition for supporting you all from our own families, we didn’t step back. At least I didn’t. At least till now.

Today, my friends, YOU HAVE LOST ONE MORE SUPPORTER and that is me.

Why? Because you have crossed all the limits by bringing some of the most sensitive topics in your pride parade that has recently held in Delhi.

Tell me what was the point of bringing Mandir in the pride parade? Did anyone stop you from entering a temple because you belong to the LGBTQ+ community? Does any temple speak anything against you?

Tell me, why was it important to shout against Sangh Pariwar while the organization supported your cause? Why was it so necessary to speak against Hinduism?

And in the end, please tell me why not “Smash Islamic Clerics” or “Smash Catholic Priests” who openly speak against you?

You know what? You are nothing but puppets in the hands of leftists who claim to support you and play with your emotions all the time. Now after you have taken this step, it seems you all do not deserve any support from us or at least me. Do you think one person taking back support won’t make any difference? Think again.

I was among those who tried to convince people to support you. I might have changed the mind of at least 50-70 people in the last few years to at least listen to you people and support you all as much as possible. I am one of them who dearly follow a lot of people from your community including the very charming Ellen Degeneres, Neil Patrick Harris, and many others. Why am I not taking names of the Indian celebs from your community? It is because you have completely ruined it today for them as well.

Just because you belong to a so-called minority community does not mean you have the right to say anything against rest of us. You, the members of LGBQT+ community have lost one supporter. Though my support for the Transgender community will remain the same because they deserve the rights but the rest of you don’t deserve any love or support because you have failed us.

Today you have shown us how thankless you people are. Today you have made sure that I never speak in favor of you any time in the future. Today, you have pushed me towards hate just like your leftists and communists counterparts.

In the end, I can only pray to Bhagwan Ram that you people get some wisdom in future and see the wolves in your community and realize you need to cut the chords with them before it’s too late. I hope it is not too late already.

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B.Sc. Multimedia, a journalist by profession.
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