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Learn grandmother’s bedtime story about thief and then vote in 2019

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The forthcoming 2019 election is going to be a wonderful opportunity for all Indians to decide wisely whether they need development and sab ka vikas agenda represented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi led BJP or a ‘can of worms hatched out of scams and corruption’ to rule India. The forthcoming election in 2019 also reminds people of the famous bedtime story of the grand-mother about thieves.

The story goes like this. Once a thief enters a small village and had stolen some valuable from a house. But the villagers somehow noticed the thief and started to shout and chase the thief. The thief was in the front and the entire villagers were behind, shouting thief, thief… When the marathon race was about to enter the neighbouring village, interestingly the thief started to shout, thief, thief in order to make the neighbouring villagers believe that he is not the thief. The villagers from the neighbouring village suddenly started to run ahead of the real thief in search the thief and that had created utter confusion. In such confusion, the real thief escapes unhurt. This story conveys a clear moral message to us. When we spot a thief and chase him or her, we should not get distracted or get confused. If we get distracted or confused, the real thief would escape. A thief is bound to cause confusion and distraction in order to not to get caught and that is the psychology of every thief.

If we look at Indian politics, the above moral story fit perfectly.

India is with PM Modi since 2014 with no scam or corruption. He is known for integrity, honesty, decisiveness, commitment and is truly after development and sab ka vikas. Several government agencies were reported to be sabotaging the mission of anticorruption initiative of the PM Modi and are deliberately delaying legal actions against several politicians with obvious corruption charges. Recently many such tainted officials in several government agencies have been neutralized. It means the noose of law is getting tightened around the neck of all those corrupt politicians who are as per dictionary definition are nothing but thieves and dacoits. Most of those dacoits and thieves are behaving exactly like the real thief in the moral story of grandmother by abusing the Prime Minister. All these thieves and dacoits in Indian politics are shouting corruption and scam in Rafale deal to divert the attention of people away from the self so that they can somehow escape.

The grandmother’s story has clearly shown that the villagers could not nab the thief because they got distracted and got confused by the real thief when he started to shout thief, thief. Morale of the story wants Indians not to get fooled by the real thieves and dacoits in Indian politics by listening to their lies and canard about Rafale deal.

All the thieves and dacoits are facing dual challenge i.e., how to escape from law and how to stop or derail the agenda of development and sab ka vikas. According to them if India progress and every Indian achieve high standard and quality of life, all these dacoits and thieves may not have any role and relevance. That is why all these dacoits and thieves are trying their best to cause confusion in Indian politics. It is known that thieves and dacoits always unite like terrorists. So Indians should exert extraordinary wisdom and caution not to fall prey to the politics of dacoity and theft.

The development and dignity that India has achieved in the last 4 years is quite significant and statistically high than the 60 years of misrule of congress and third front. India has surpassed space, time, continuum under PM Modi and has come close to become economic super power.   PM Modi is extremely careful that India should develop organically not just materialistically. Only if the cultural identity and the connecting cord of India’s ethos are strengthened, India can be made a developed nation in all frontiers.

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