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How can those who didn’t question Padmavat, now question Uri?

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I am a student of Sri Rama First Grade College,Kalladka

Uri, a movie based on Surgical Strike is titled “Brace yourselves, more toxic hyper-nationalism is coming “ by an urban naxal mouthpiece! They think nationalism or patriotism as a matter of enforcement.

What else can be expected from those who opposed National Anthem in theatres? When we come back to Surgical Strikes, our certain politicians went up to the extent of demanding evidence for Surgical Strikes! Titled it ‘Jumla’, they criticized surgical strikes as if it is done by Modi, of course it’s a result of the Modi’s  bold leadership. But it was our brave soldiers who proved India’s might.

How can embracing valour and sacrifice of soldiers be a toxic? Isn’t supporting ‘ break India’ brigade venomous?

Sidhu in anticipation of applause is spreading propaganda of Rafale in the country which brutally killed our brave soldier Saurabh Kalia, isn’t this shameful!? Declaring Pakistani PM ‘angel’ and spreading Modi hatred in that coward nation is nothing but disgusting. And more importantly hugging Pak Army Chief who orders to kill our soldiers and he stood by his act claiming Modi ji jealous is very shameful.

Pakistan knows clearly who are patriotic and who is not, that’s why in permitting journalists to cover Kartarpur corridor event it was selective and picked only ‘vulture’ journalists!

Then another significant matter is that General Bipin Rawat (whose father Lieutenant General Lakshman Singh Rawat and entire family is patriots ) was titled ‘ambitious general’ and even in a prestigious newspaper in a cartoon Bipin Rawat was adjectived ‘Security Guard’!

I have a proud feeling for Modi ji who, when certain incoming terrorists killed our soldiers PM made our soldiers to cross borders of Myanmar and kill terrorists for which Pakistan was utter shocked.

We have to congratulate Narendra Modi for extraction of anti-nationalism in certain internal so called celebrities. Initially it was trend of Intolerance which was surfaced in them as a result of massive victory of our PM, which they manipulated into a general phenomenon.

They didn’t question movie ‘Kedarnath’ which is hurting religious sentiments, let’s keep it aside as gambling with feelings of Hindus and Brahmins is their patent.

But ‘Padmavat’ hurt the feelings of Rajputs who were Kings with patriotism. Rajput women when their husband (King) martyred in battleground used to suicide in order to avoid torture by brutal invaders. But the movie builds love story between an invader and Rajput women, it’s horrific! But it was backed up by same people.

And films like ‘Thugs of Hindustan’ were significant exhibition of movie makers’ anti national mindset.

I think more than fear surfaced on in minds of Pakistanis it was certain fake Indians who needed burnol to digest Surgical Strike!

Apart from Anupam Kher, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan and certain countable actors and directors nobody cares for patriotism  much in Bollywood.

These are only a few instances of anti nationalism but there are lot more, the problem is that as movies and universities how great impact on the society the slogans of break lndia and certain professors like one who called Bhagat Singh t*******t and movies like padmavat affect the society adversely leading to injection of anti nationalism in certain youngsters. I hope let the ‘URI’ movie complete hundred days or more and benefit the burnol vendors.

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I am a student of Sri Rama First Grade College,Kalladka
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